Update v246879


  1. Advanced tube technology has been introduce to the world of Oxygen Not Included as a new tier of transportation, above ladders and fire poles. Using refined plastics, you can now craft new Tube buildings throughout your base and drastically improve travel time while sending your Dupes on a ride.

Key Features

  1. Transit Tubes: New Transit Tubes, Transit Accesses, and Tube Crossings have been added to help your Duplicants zoom from place to place in futuristic style. Tubular!
  2. Ice Sculptures: Build new glittering ice sculptures in your base for a well-earned decor boost... but be sure to turn the thermostat down.
  3. Berry Sludge: A "delicious" new recipe has been whipped up at the Microbe Musher, creating a sludge of mashed up berries with an exceptionally long spoilage time.
  4. QOL, performance enhancements, and more: This will, as usual, address many important bug fixes and game crashes, but more importantly it will drastically improve frame rate and functionality in late game saves or bases that met certain conditions (like a great deal of items in storage, for example). Those who saw frame rate crawl in earlier games should see a major change, so get back out there and push the limits of your base expansion!