Update v255385

  1. Tinker stations are now logic controllable.
  2. Fixed a bunch of tasks not properly awarding mastery experience.
  3. Dupes marked to Tidy but not Supply should now perform sweep tasks.
  4. Tempshift plates should now be selectable.
  5. Dupes should once again tinker buildings which have been disabled with logic.
  6. Fixed a crash that could occur if you had a dupe selected while they were delivering an item to a storage locker.
  7. Using dozens of transfer arms should no longer cause significant performance drops.
  8. Fixed a crash that could occur when using the transfer arms.
  9. Job screen should no longer take more time to open based on how long it had been since you last opened it.
  10. Fixed a crash that could occur when cancelling fabrications right before the dupe completed their task.
  11. Uncultured dupes should no longer have the art interest.
  12. Fixed a crash that could occur if a farmer used the farm station to tend to a plant which was not inside a valid room.
  13. Planting a plant in a receptacle will pop out any incorrect fertilizer from that receptacle.
  14. Dupes should gain mastery for performing all fetches instead of just fetches to storage lockers.
  15. Fixed a crash that could occur when transfering large amounts of energy between cells in the sim.
  16. Courier should now list athletics as a relevant attribute.
  17. Aptitude heart should now be properly displayed for the courier.
  18. Fixed a crash that could occur when the simulation attempted to melt a liquid permeable tile.
  19. Cleaning outhouses is no longer prioritized over all other jobs after loading a save file.
  20. AutoSweeper should now be able to sweep items that are not reachable by dupes.
  21. Fix for assignable side screen not showing which dupes have already been assigned.
  22. Fixed issues with scrolling in jobs screen.
  23. Updated Korean translation.
  24. Updated Chinese translation.
  25. Conveyors no longer prevent sublimation/state changes.
  26. Decreased the storage sizes of algae deoxydizers/terrariums.