Update v260847

Critter Ranching

  1. Critter ranching allows you to interact with critters in a variety of new ways and integrate them into the daily routine of your colony. Duplicants, particularly those employed as Ranchers, can care for Hatches, Shine Bugs, and Pufts to increase their happiness, farm additional resources from them, and even breed new critters for your herd.

Key Features

  1. Critter Wrangling: Use the new Wrangle tool and your Ranchers can capture critters alive and move them around your base! No traps required.
  2. Critter Care: Tons of new buildings and systems have been implemented to keep your precious critters happy, healthy, and most importantly productive.
  3. Needs and Conditions: Each critter species has specific needs that must be met in order to maintain their health and comfort. Temperature, atmosphere, and food needs will all need to be met in order to keep a critter happy, and a happy critter is a productive one!
  4. Critter Feeders: Critters are hungry little guys and now have calorie stores just like Duplicants. They’ll need to eat regularly in order to stay alive, but luckily feeding them has never been easier! Just pop a bit of unused stone into a Critter Feeder and watch a Hatch munch away!
  5. Grooming Stations: Clip those claws, unmatt that fur, and shine those shells! Critters appreciate it when their handlers keep them in tip top shape, so be sure to build a fewer grooming station and let the primping begin!
  6. New Ranching Job: This new job comes with a boost to the newly introduce Ranching attribute, and will teach Duplicants the art of wrangling critters in the wild for capture (no traps required!). Dupes who learn the Ranching trade will also be able to use a Grooming Station to give their livestock’s happiness a boost from time to time.
  7. Critter Reproduction: New reproduction cycles means you can ranch critters to increase their numbers. Raise a flock of twenty Pufts!
  8. Happiness: You know, they say "Happiness is a warm Hatch." Well, Happiness is the new metric by which you can see how well your critters are cared for. Creatures with high happiness will not only produce more useful products, but they may even feel comfortable enough to lay some new eggs!
  9. Eggs! When a critter’s Reproduction stat reaches 100, they will now lay a brand new delicious adorable critter egg. These eggs can be immediately cooked and ravenously eaten raised with the utmost care to produce new critters, allowing you to increase the size of your lovable critter herd.
  10. Incubators: Build an Incubator to ensure all your critter eggs are safe, secure, and most importantly, warm. These Incubators are equipped with ideal settings for each known species of critter egg, so go ahead, set it and forget it! (But make sure a Rancher is on hand to oversee the hatching!).

And More

  1. New Database: A new encyclopedia has been added to connect you to a wealth of knowledge about foods, plants, animals, elements, systems... you get the idea! View all stats and functions for buildings and creatures at any time to plan your base to absolute perfection. And who knows? Some mysterious entries may appear from time to time, too...
  2. Priority System Tweaks: The "Priorities" screen has been split from the Jobs screen into its own menu and can be used to manage individual Duplicants’ priorities. Colony priorities have been replaced with a new "Sub-Priorities" button, which can still be used to set the importance of pending tasks but will be overridden by individual Dupe priorities.
  3. 18 New Geyser Types: Tons of new points of interest have erupted onto the scene!
  4. Geysers, Fumaroles, Volcanoes, Fissures.
  5. Copper, Iron, Gold, Co2, Hydrogen and more.
  6. Both cool and hot temperatures.
  7. Explore and find them all!
  8. Performance Enhancements!
  9. Tons of bug fixes, rebalances, QOL additions, and more!