Update v261394

  1. Wild critters lose fertility to prevent them from laying infinite eggs.
  2. Fixed tooltips on Priorities screen.
  3. Critters get unhappy if in a door, tile, or tiny room.
  4. Fixed Toggle priority on buildings that don’t normally have priority (like the Printing Pod).
  5. Adjusted the default priority of auto-disinfect on buildings which don’t have priority to 5.
  6. "Research Complete" notification tooltip fixed.
  7. Ration Boxes and Fridges fetch errand priorities are now controlled by Supply rather than Storage.
  8. Insulated pipes/vents once again insulate.
  9. Tweaked the starting calories and hungry range so that creatures try and stay more full. This prevents wild creatures in new games from sitting around doing nothing for many cycles.
  10. Transfer arm now (mostly) can’t pick up or deliver through tiles.
  11. Improved Wrangle fx.
  12. Duplicants will now take more than one pill from a stack of pills.
  13. Fixed several temperature bugs with Pneumatic Doors.
  14. Farmer’s Touch will no longer make crops grow if they are stifled.
  15. Disabling an errand group on the Priorities screen will now disable those errands even if it’s the dupe’s current Job.
  16. Fix crash when duplicants tried putting on too much clothing: Duplicants can no longer equip more than one vest.
  17. Fix crash that could occur when crops dropped their fruit.
  18. Fix a crash in the Planter side screen.
  19. More helpful error message when a game can’t be saved.
  20. Added/fixed icons for many Database entries.
  21. Increased capacity of the Critter Feeder to 2,000kg.