Update v266730

Critter Morphs

  1. Each critter has latent genes that can be activated through specific conditions in diet, environment, and handsomeness. By giving special care to your critters, they will lay new varieties of eggs that hatch into morphs with new requirements and byproducts. Gotta ranch ’em all!

Key Features

  1. Critter Morphs: Each critter has one or more variations that can be hatched from special eggs, if conditions are right, enabling new means of production and bonus adorableness.
  2. New Critters: Some new wild specimens have been spotted around the asteroid!
  3. Drecko: The lizard-like Drecko can be found in secluded corners and high ceilings of the Jungle Biome, nibbling on the local plants and basking in the warmth of the Hydrogen. Its woolly fur grows at an impressive rate and can be sheared off to gain new resources.
  4. Pacu: The waters of the asteroid have become newly inhabited as well! Delicious Pacu will swim around, looking lovely and reproducing at a vigorous rate. Maybe you’ll keep them around for their meat, or breed one of their morphs for their useful side effects.
  5. Baby Critters: Newly hatched critters need time to grow up and learn the ways of the world before they mature. Some Cycle soon, they’ll grow up and really start pooping out coal for you!
  6. Additional Critter Care Buildings: To assist with the new critters, the Duplicants have developed some new ranching facilities.
  7. Shearing Station: This station allows you to you relieve your Drecko of all that itchy fur! Works on scales, too.
  8. Fish Trap, Fish Release: Get your little fishies out of the water and into your belly into a cozy new pond.
  9. Fish Feeder: Pacu need to eat too! Use this feeder to automatically feed your fish each and every day. So long as you keep it stocked, anyway.

Sandbox Mode

  1. Become the master of space and physics! Use the new sandbox tools to create a world of your own making, or tweak your existing colonies to perfection in this all-new mode. Manipulate elements and temperatures, place buildings free of cost, or add any creature, plant, or geyser to the world whenever and wherever you like.

Key Features

  1. Create and Destroy Tiles: Dramatically alter the landscape of the asteroid by spawning or destroying any element of your choosing.
  2. Spawn Duplicants: Create as big or as little of a population as you want. See how many Duplicants you can sustain in a single colony!
  3. Save Compatibility: Enable sandbox mode in your existing save or start a new world. Note: You won’t be able to reload your save in survival mode after it’s been saved in Sandbox!

And More

  1. New Automation Control: The new Gaseous Element Sensor lets you detect the composition of your surrounding atmosphere. In-pipe sensors now let you control you colony based on the element, temperature, or germs contained within your pipes. A memory bit makes building your own super computer super easy*!
  2. More Logic Ports: Even more buildings are now toggleable with a logic input.
  3. Radiant Pipes: First, there were pipes. Then, there were insulated pipes. Now... there are radiant pipes! Effectively move thermal energy into and out of your rooms with this high-conductivity plumbing.
  4. Official Russian Translation.
  5. Performance Enhancements!
  6. Tons of bug fixes, rebalances, QOL additions, and more!