Update v266962

  1. New grid layout for creature diets in database.
  2. Fixed duplicate creature diet database listings.
  3. New baby puft art.
  4. Fertility modifier descriptions should now respect the player set temperature units.
  5. Memory Toggle is now in the same layer as the logic gates.
  6. Memory Toggle should now save load correctly.
  7. Fixed symbol popping on baby floaters.
  8. You can no longer build infinite Conveyor Bridges on top of each other.
  9. Shearing station is now prioritizable.
  10. Creature diet tooltip should no longer list 0kcal/cycle for all entries.
  11. Unspoilable food should now appear as unspoilable in the database.
  12. New fish relocator art.
  13. Added some logging info to get more details about a crash that is occuring when using localized text input boxes.
  14. Fixed a crash that could occur when using debug keys in the main menu.
  15. Tropical pacu should no longr [sic] have an extra red tint applied.
  16. Eggs in the incubator should now be in the proper layer.
  17. Fixed a crash that could occur when a fish flopped outside of the world.
  18. Few fish feeder art.
  19. Fish eggs are no longer halfway through the ground.
  20. Dreckos now grow scales more sloly when wild.
  21. Gas element sensor should now have a gas icon instead of a liquid drop.