Update v279674

  1. Duplicants now choose a random dance each time they dance.
  2. Repair various missing/inaccurate strings.
  3. Duplicants now get disease from the water in a Water Cooler/Espresso Machine.
  4. Sand should correctly fall through Bunker Doors.
  5. Espresso machine is now 3 tiles wide.
  6. Duplicants will no longer appear to drink water from the wash station if headed to the water cooler.
  7. Fix a crash when loading queued Refinery orders.
  8. Fix a crash in generating the Database.
  9. Fix a crash when loading some pipe networks.
  10. New Custom Game Setting to tweak the amount of stress gained from insufficient morale.
  11. Added a popup when loading an existing save game to help players transition to the new morale system.