Update December 10, 2020

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed script issues in 1939 related to German localization.
  2. It is now possible to purchase organic transports for captured AA units in SCW.
  3. Engineers now properly speed up entrenchment of adjacent units.
  4. Soviet motorcycle now has soviet soldiers attached to it.
  5. DK motorcycle now has CloseFighter trait, like all other motorcycle recons.
  6. Famous and Legendary heroes now award correct prestige bonus. Also, removed hard-coded numbers from trait icons.
  7. Fixed SkilledRecon and ExpertRecon traits.
  8. Fixed LastStand trait.
  9. Fixed availability of organic transport for South African units.
  10. JPG screenshots are now properly deleted together with the save.
  11. Various other small fixes and tweaks.

Gameplay changes

  1. Deadly Grasp trait now works between the player and AI ally.
  2. Split, Merge and Swap commands can now be taken back too if "movement only" undo mode is used.
  3. Added four positive and four negative player traits:
  4. Meticulous Planning. All ground units get two movement actions instead of one, which allows them to move in two steps (without increasing the total amount of movement points.
  5. Force Concentration. Can assign one extra hero to every unit.
  6. Terrain Expert. Friendly units get +1 base entrenchment in any terrain, even in open ground and when crossing rivers.
  7. Aggressive Deployment. Friendly units do not lose their attack action when deploying from organic transports.
  8. Arrogant. Does not get any combat predictions.
  9. Force Dispersion. Can assign maximum 1 hero per unit.
  10. Ruthless. Never accepts surrender.
  11. Slow Reaction. Friendly units do not shoot back when attacked by the enemy.
  12. Added new special challenges (selectable in Advanced Options when starting the game):
  13. Mass desertions. Every unit has a 50% chance to lose 1 point of strength at the beginning of its turn. For elite units, this chance decreases by 10% with each star.
  14. Berserk Rage. Enemy units gain +1 attack and +1 defense for every point of strength they lose.
  15. The Collector. Cannot purchase or upgrade to unit types which are already present in the army.
  16. Army of Cowards. Units attacked by the enemy will always retreat, no matter how many losses they took.
  17. Uphill Battle. With each passing turn, enemy units get slightly stronger by gaining a small bonus to attack, defense, accuracy or initiative.
  18. Heroic Showdown. At the beginning of the battle, each enemy unit on the map is assigned a random hero.


  1. "General Edition" and the DLCs are now displayed in the game’s Main Menu.
  2. Disbanded units no longer show up in "killed units" list.
  3. "Limited deployment" warning now appears only on deployment phase.
  4. Deployment phase panel will now disappear immediately when the AI opponent moves first.
  5. The shop will now display units using the right skin for the current scenario.
  6. The game will now remember the last entered commander name, and will fill it in the commander selection screen by default.
  7. It is no longer possible to extend unit list beyond the right screen border.
  8. Units in reserve are no longer included in the mission result screen.


  1. Reworked road implementation. Roads are now less likely to get lost in relief and consume less resources.
  2. Improved memory usage on large maps (like Kursk).
  3. Improved loading speed of some maps.


  1. Made several fixes in the implementation of "guard unit" order.

Random maps

  1. Random maps can now use Southern Europe and (occasionally) Africa locations.


  1. Implemented tournament support (beta).


  1. Implemented Steam Workshop support.
  2. Added mod manager to the Main Menu (MODS -> MOD MANAGER). The Editor is also invoked from MODS submenu now.
  3. Improved implementation of Gamma Correction option. If game image looks too light/washed out for you, try to reduce the gamma below the default.
  4. Added an option to show movement arrow outside movement zone. This allows to easier plan movement to remote locations.


  1. Fixed item size in "Place Units" list resetting in some cases.
  2. Added missing flags for Condor Legion, Communist Spain and Denmark.
  3. Added a safeguard against the Editor starting minimized when window position settings in Registry get messed up.