Update December 16, 2020


  1. Added a 20 Strength, stationary, Panzer IIIB as an extra 7th Panzer unit to the map as a back up in the extremely rare situations where the other 7th Panzer units somehow are destroyed.
  2. Proximity scripts check for this new unit for scenario success trigger.
  3. The two other 7th Panzer units are now full 15 overstrength.
  4. Switched a couple French units from Hold Active to Hold Position Fire.
  5. French Strongpoint at Chimay changed into a Minefield to prevent any possibility of it destroying mission critical 7th Panzer units.


  1. Removed hidden victory condition trigger.


  1. All briefing markers pointing to sunken Lelystad have been moved.


  1. Increased portrait variety in debriefing.
  2. Changes in new player traits.
  3. Aggressive Deployment trait now works as its description says.
  4. Force Dispersion no longer cancels Force Concentration, so the two can be combined to get max 2 heroes per unit.
  5. Terrain Expern now improves both base and max entrenchment.


  1. Main menu will now display "Field Marshal Edition" if FM pack or all of its components (purchased separately) are installed.
  2. Various tweaks in UI layouts to better accomodate long localized strings.
  3. Fixed color of unit strength in unit list (red when below maximum).
  4. Increased the gap between unit class icon and text when indicating assignable classes for a hero.


  1. Various improvements in the tournament implementation.
  2. Fixed crash which some people experienced when creating new challenges.
  3. Fixed UI sometimes getting grayed and disabled at the end of MP games.


  1. Fixed table merging issues encountered in some mods.
  2. Converted tables with main menu content (campaigns, scenarios, tutorials and multiplayer entry lists) to open text format for easier modding.
  3. Mod manager can now show preview image for local mods (it will look for preview.jpg, preview.jpeg and preview.png files).
  4. Mod manager will now detect Steam Workshop subscribed mods and update the list on the fly.