Last Update

  1. Hardcore Mode added: A fresh take on Pathway! See above blog post for full description.
  2. Extended difficulty: We have extended the max difficulty, which means you may encounter higher difficulty enemies at the pointy end of the game.
  3. Added Resource tooltip: When hovering over resources on the exploration bar or in the journal you will now have a tooltip which also tells you the resource’s max capacity.
  4. Added action tooltips: When hovering actions in combat you will now also see available ammo/supplies.
  5. We’ve improved selling of valuables hinting. There’s now a tooltip when hovering the bag and if you leave a merchant without selling it’ll prompt whether you intended to leave without selling (similar to leaving loot behind).
  6. New Artifact "Bastet’s Amulet" added.
  7. Item Type information is now more consistent across tooltips.
  8. Map/Sector count is now once again visible in the Team Journal.
  9. Fix bravery cost in tooltip for Reaction Shot/Parry.
  10. Fix some collision issues.
  11. Fix some smaller UI issues/alignment/scaling.
  12. Fix bug that allowed sporebearers to be pushed around with Sucker Punch.
  13. Fixed a bug that caused Psychic Control to trigger evade.
  14. Fixed a bug that caused the Adventure play time to be skewed when using accelerated AI turns.