Update #202

Happy Heisty Year!

  1. The holiday event is now over and the XP event bonus on the Christmas-themed heists are no longer available. The special Christmas decorated heists are back to normal and the same goes for all the holiday versions of certain sounds and the main menu.
  2. All content that was released in the last update will stay in the game. If you did not get around to picking up all the presents in the Mexican heists to unlock the Mega Sangres mask, Fear not, you can still get a hold of the mask. The presents won’t go away.

A New Face

  1. Of course, we are on top of recent news, so if you want to heist the White House in style, you’ll have a brand new mask to wear as you sneak your way through the halls or storm the building in true patriotic style. Some may say Mr. 46 has changed a lot between the time he posed for his portrait and when the mask was made. Some may say they are not even the same person. But most would agree, you don’t want to see someone entering a bank with a smile like that... and a mini-gun.

Crime Spree

  1. We want to start the year off with some fun new heisting. Start up a new crime spree and you’ll find that 6 new heists have been made available in the rotation.
  2. Breaking Feds.
  3. Shacklethorne Auction.
  4. Boiling Point.
  5. San Martín Bank.
  6. The Alesso Heist.
  7. Breakfast in Tijuana.


  1. Fixed an issue on the San Martín Bank heist where players could interact with a present in a location even if it had actually spawned elsewhere.
  2. Adjusted the sight picture of the Compact Tactical Box Sight.
  3. Fixed an issue with the Mega Sangres mask where patterns were not applying correctly.
  4. Fixed a graphical issue that occurred with the Dirty Santa and Ho Ho Heister outfits when the player was crouching.
  5. Fixed an issue with the Cursed Kill Room heist where teammate AI would block enemy spawns.
  6. Adjusted the concealment and stability values for iron sights for sniper rifles.
  7. Adjusted the concealment values on "Lightweight Foregrip" and "Lightweight Stock" for the Grom Sniper Rifle.