Update #199.6.1


  1. Fixed a client crash that occurred when loading into the safehouse of a player with customized masks on display that contained certain colors.

Character Art

  1. Fixed a clipping issue with the Lucky gloves when inspecting the Tatonka Submachine Gun.


  1. Breakfast in Tijuana - Fixed an issue where Locke would remind the player to fix a broken drill that was no longer present, after the player had used a keycard.
  2. White Xmas - Fixed an issue where an NPC’s face was missing.
  3. Election Day 1 - Fixed an issue where shooting a guard, in a certain section of the level, could make the body land behind collision and resulting in a pager that cannot be answered.


  1. Fixed an issue where the message box in the UI appears larger than usual when a player joins a game in progress.