Update #200

Vlad Wants to Settle a Score

  1. Vlad has had enough with the Coyopa Cartel and their leader, Buluc. It is time to take him down. And who better to give this task to than you guys? In the Buluc’s Mansion Heist. you can storm the gates of Buluc’s Mansion or sneak in like deadly scorpions. Either way you need to bring down the Coyopa Cartel. There are also two unlocks to claim, these will be up for grabs for anyone completing the associated achievements. Can you get your hands on the "Impresario" and the "Undead Peacock"?

Dirty Work Needs Nice and Shiny Hardware

  1. Bring some new guns to the party with the Gunslinger Weapon Pack. The DLC offers a selection of three very different guns, there is something for everyone. Pick off your targets at range with the Bernetti Rangehitter Sniper Rifle, or clear a room efficiently with the Reinfeld 88 Shotgun. If you prefer the authentic gunslinger feel, try out the Frenchman Model 87 Revolver. Why not bring two, just in case?

They Say "Clothes Make the Heister"

  1. Complete your look with Tailor Pack 3 containing 2 new outfits with 4 variants each. The Long Gentleman and the Duelist will sure make you look the part in the hot sands of Mexico. If you want to further expand your wardrobe, the pack also includes 8 new gloves, with variants, there are a total of 12 gloves in this pack. You have the option of tactical gloves, driving gloves, biker gloves and fancy leather gloves, just to name a few.

Put Some Shine on Your Gear

  1. Is your weapon starting to look a bit dull and worse for wear? Or do you want your CAR-4 to be as blinged out as it feels awesome to shoot? With the Weapon Color Pack 3 you get 20 new weapon colors that can be applied to any gun. The pack contains vibrant colors with a shiny finish as well as color that shifts hue and some with rad patterns that will look awesome on your rifles, pistols or RPGs and whatever else you might be packing.

Infamy 3.0

  1. As mentioned above, we are expanding the infamy system. If you are looking for another challenge, are a die hard completionist or are just looking for bragging rights, then this is for you. Infamy now has a new max level and will grant additional rewards as you progress. Starting today, you can become truly Infamous and unlock 4 color variants of a special infamy suit, 4 gloves and 16 weapon colors, all unique to the infamy system. You can also unlock a new item - Join Stingers. Additionally, there’s 16 new join sound effects to unlock where you can pick and choose the one most suitable to your style.
  2. There are 40 new infamous rewards to unlock today and 35 more will be coming soon in a future update. You can still gain the ranks for the upcoming rewards and they will retroactively be available to you upon release.
  3. We have also changed the order in which you unlock the infamy rewards. All rewards are now unlocked linearly. Any reward you’ve unlocked previously in the old system will stay unlocked in the new system. When going infamous for the first time all skill point reductions will be unlocked as a single reward for the first level of infamy.
  4. With this update, we also made a slight change to how going infamous works. Every time you go infamous your first skill set (with "SET #1" as its default name) will be reset. All your other skill sets will be suspended. This means that they will keep all their skills but will be unavailable to you until you acquire skill points equal to that being used in the set. You can also choose to reset a suspended skill set before you have enough points. This will give you access to the set again, but since it’s reset, you will need to re-assign the skill points you have available. All profiles that used a skillset that got suspended will be assigned to use your first skill set instead. The profiles will keep any mask, outfit, or perk deck assigned to them.

Infamy Rank Display Mode

  1. With the additional levels of Infamy we realize that some may find it hard to read the exact rank of your fellow heisters at a glance. Therefore, we have added an option to locally switch the display mode of the rank between roman and arabic numerals. If you’re better at reading roman numerals than us, then you won’t need this, but you will find these settings in the options menu under "User Interface".

Hola Cuates

  1. With the final chapter of our adventure south of the border, we bring one final little update for our South-American heisters. You will now be able to choose both European Spanish and Latin American Spanish as language options for the game. You will find these options in the PAYDAY 2 properties on steam.


  1. The crimespree catch up bonus will now only work for players at reputation level 100.
  2. Fixed an issue with the "I Will Succeed With Dignity" achievement unlocking incorrectly when re-buying pre-planning assets.
  3. Fixed an issue when starting a stealth level without casing mode, where Crew AI looked like they were holding invisible pistols.
  4. Fixed an issue where an American dispatcher could be heard when Joy was used to answer guard pagers in non-American heists.
  5. Added weapon color support to the anti-piracy system.
  6. Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in a nearly infinite loading loop after switching between different profiles prior to readying up in the loadout screen.
  7. Fixed an issue where some weapons were locked after going infamous without having a level lock.
  8. Disabled Swedish as a language option in steam since the game is not translated to that language.


  1. Fixed an issue on Boat Load Holdout where enemy AI would despawn within view of the player.
  2. Fixed an issue on Big Bank Holdout where the player was able to access an out of bounds area through a window.
  3. Fixed an issue on Big Bank where the AI would stutter while walking up the stairs near the entrance.
  4. Fixed a Z-fighting issue on Border Crossing for the upstairs door frame in the overkill house.
  5. Fixed an issue on Border Crossing where the glass of one of the trucks in the beginning was shown as blue and yellow on AMD graphics cards.
  6. Fixed an issue on Border Crossing Day 2 where loot bags could be thrown into unreachable locations.
  7. Fixed an issue in Breakfast in Tijuana where the police uniform could be picked up through the wall.
  8. Fixed an issue in Breakfast in Tijuana where the car key tags would block the numbers on the wall.
  9. Fixed an exploit on Counterfeit where the cops could be manipulated with loot bags.
  10. Fixed a crash on Election Day Day 2 that could occur when lockpicking a door in the mall.
  11. Fixed issue on First world Bank Holdout where players could use a bookshelf to avoid combat.
  12. Fixed an issue on Framing Frame Day 3 where the ragdoll of a guard could fall down some stairs and make the pager unreachable.
  13. Fixed an issue in the safehouse where the player could clip through the floor near the stairs.
  14. Fixed an issue on San Martin Bank where an already opened gate would open a second time, when using the manager’s key.
  15. Fixed navigation issues on San Martin Bank in a security room.
  16. Fixed navigation issues on San Martin inside the rooms on the roof.
  17. Fixed an issue on San Martin Bank where some windows would not trigger the alarm when broken.
  18. Fixed a graphical issue on San Martin Bank where the railing on the balcony just outside the cafeteria did not connect to the wall.
  19. Fixed an issue on San Martin Bank Holdout where players were able to place sentry guns inside trash bins.
  20. Fixed a navigation issue on Scarface Mansion where Crew AI could get temporarily stuck when the car drops through the roof.
  21. Fixed a sound issue on Scarface Mansion where the same line of dialogue would trigger twice at the same time.
  22. Fixed an art issue on Scarface Mansion where textures would display z-fighting issues with the carpets inside the mansion.
  23. Fixed a collision on The Alesso Heist that could lead to the player being stuck behind a door on the upper floor.
  24. Fixed a graphical issue on The Biker Heist with a ceiling decal.

Characters and Enemies

  1. Fixed a texture issue on the helmet used by heavy SWATs.
  2. Fixed an issue with Sangres’ arms in first person with certain outfits.
  3. Fixed clipping issues while wearing the "Scrub" Outfit.
  4. Fixed clipping issues while wearing the "Tuxedo" Outfit.
  5. Fixed clipping issues on "The Showman" suit on the arms for certain heisters.

Perk and Skills

  1. Fixed an issue where the final perk for the Maniac deck would not work properly.
  2. Fixed so that clients with the Sixth Sense skill can buy assets associated with the skill in pre-planning even if the host doesn’t have the skill.


  1. Added a "NEW" indicator icon next to contractors with new available heists.
  2. Fixed an issue where drop-in clients could "Buy All Assets" for a game already in progress.
  3. Fixed an issue with misleading stats when equipping a speed pull magazine.
  4. Fixed a rendering issue with the XL 5.56 Microgun when equipping a weapon color.
  5. Fixed an issue where masks were not centered on the screen when previewing.
  6. Fixed an issue where the client’s UI would not update pager count correctly, when the host would dominate an NPC and answer the pager.


  1. Fixed a graphical issue on the Commando 101 Rocket Launcher when using weapon colors.
  2. Fixed a missing animation with the Akimbo Judge Shotguns when aiming down sight immediately after firing.
  3. Fixed an issue with automatic weapons where two bullet fire sounds would play while only one bullet was fired.
  4. Fixed Z-fighting on certain patterns when using the tropical foregrip on the M60 Light Machine Gun.