Update #200.1


  1. Fixed an issue where some armor skins would display "invalid skin" instead of their safes name.
  2. Fixed minor skinning issues with the "Impresario" outfit.
  3. Fixed some roman numerals that were displayed incorrectly.
  4. Fixed a mismatch between name and description on the gloves "Fiery Hardtail" and "Sunset Hardtail".
  5. Removed an extra period after the word "remain" in the infamy level up message.


  1. Fixed an issue with Akimbo Brothers Grimm 12G Shotguns where weapon skins would cover the glass on the "LED combo" and "Assault Light" gadget mods.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Maelstrom Sight was missing it’s textures in third person with HQ weapons turned off.

Bulucs Mansion Heist

  1. Fixed an issue where an ECM jammer could interrupt the flow of objectives.
  2. Fixed an issue that would cause Buluc to get stuck in a T-pose.
  3. Fixed an issue where the effect from the thermite would not disappear when the swat van drives into the front gate.
  4. Shortened the heist briefing for the Russian localization.
  5. Shortened the heist briefing for the Dutch localization.
  6. Added a waypoint for the car that is used for the loud escape.
  7. Added a waypoint for Bulucs office.
  8. Fixed an issue where Buluc would be immortal after getting shot with a grenade launcher.
  9. Prevented the guard from the lounge and library from leaving the area unless the heist goes loud.
  10. Added a waypoint to the keypad code.
  11. Switched the prompt for picking up the thermite from hold to press.
  12. Prevented the guard from the upper floor from leaving his intended patrol area.
  13. Fixed an issue where AI teammates would walk around the level if replacing a human player while in stealth.
  14. Fixed an issue where the sixth sense skill was not required to buy inside help preplanning assets.
  15. Fixed an issue where only parts of some characters show as highlighted if the player was standing at a distance.
  16. Increased the volume for the ticking and alarm for the bomb.
  17. Fixed a hole in the world geometry where the players could see the backdrop though the environment.
  18. Adjusted a misaligned wooden door between garage and utility room.
  19. Fixed an issue where the objective updated sound effect is played during the black screen.
  20. Added some extra trees to the backdrop.

Other Levels

  1. Added Missing Subtitle to day 1 of Hotline Miami.
  2. Disabled the interaction on dumpsters on San Martín Bank Holdout.