Update #211

Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 3

  1. First up is the "KS12 Urban Rifle", a compact Assault Rifle with a lot of power. And if you need it to punch even harder a simple DMR kit can convert the rifle to a single-fire heavy hitter. On top of the aforementioned DMR kit, this rifle also has a custom muzzle breaker, the ability to choose between the Picatinny rails on top of the gun or on the carry handle for scope placement, and also one of the largest silencers in the game.
  2. Second is the "RUS-12 Angry Tiger Revolver", a large powerhouse and a true hand cannon in every sense of the word. Easily tearing holes in any oppressor, no matter how heavy their jacket is. The only thing better than a big iron on your hip is a big iron with armor-penetrating bullets. Apart from the mods available to all weapons, this weapon also has an option for a custom wooden grip, and a short barrel, and a custom Stabilizer for the long barrel.
  3. Finally, we have the "Káng Arms Model 54 Pistol", available both as a single or an akimbo weapon. At first glance, it may look like a normal pair of pistols but a keen eye will notice that under the barrels hangs a small shotgun barrel, a nasty surprise for any opponent that gets within range. On top of the normal shotgun ammo, you can also load these backup barrels with Flechettes or AP Slugs. These pistols can also be equipped with extended magazines and barrel extenders.
  4. Last but not least there is also a new scope in this pack, the Z5 Owl Glass Universal Scope can be equipped just like any other Rifle or SMG scope and give more options when reach is your game.
  5. Joy: KS12 Urban Rifle with Z5 Owl Glass Universal Scope and KS12-S Long Silencer.
  6. Rust: Akimbo Káng Arms Model 54 Pistols with KA54 Barrel Extender and KA54 Bull Stopper Addon.
  7. Dragan: KS12 Urban Rifle with Z5 Owl Glass Universal Scope and KS12-S Carry Handle.
  8. Player: RUS-12 Angry Tiger Revolver.

Weapon Charms

  1. Jiu Feng brings even more new and exciting things to the table with weapon charms. A completely new cosmetic, have a cute little loot bag, grenade, or a Dallas mask hanging from your weapon as you make your way to the next PAYDAY. 4 awesome weapon charms are available in the pack, and an extra 2 charms are available for free, either to members of the community group or via an achievement.
  2. RUS-12 Angry Tiger Revolver with Piggy Charm and the Z5 Owl Glass Universal Scope.

Weapon Colors

  1. Of course, there are also a nice set of weapon colors included in the pack, Jiu Feng won’t let you go out heisting without a new lick of paint on your arsenal. With 4 very different weapon colors, you can be sure to find one that suits your style.
  2. Akimbo Káng Arms Model 54 Pistols with Green Circuit Maze Weapon Color and the KA54 Bull Stopper Addon.


  1. Fixed a visual issue with the Raincoat Outfit while having various weapons equipped.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Bit Decay and Botnet perks of the Hacker perk deck did not mention their increase to Dodge.
  3. Fixed a visual issue where the weapon color was not applied to the scope while aiming through the scope.
  4. Fixed an issue on the Border Crystal heist where the minimum number of batches needed to escape was not specified in-game.
  5. Added scrolling to the tabs in the weapon color menu.
  6. Added descriptions to all Sniper Rifles as well as the 5/7 AP Pistol explaining the mechanics of the weapon.
  7. Added a description to the OVE9000 Saw explaining the mechanics of the weapon.
  8. Adjusted the pattern on Dragan’s mask to better reflect the Croatian flag.