Update #212

Hello Heisters!

  1. We are happy to bring you the latest installment of the City of Gold campaign. We have two awesome new DLCs on offer. First up is a new heist, playable in both stealth and loud; Vlad got some beef to settle with the Golden Dagger Triad after the whole container business, and the PAYDAY Gang is all too happy to help. To dress for the occasion the tailor pack DLC is where you need to look, a full set of suits, masks, and gloves.


  1. In the previous heist in the City of Gold campaign, we rescued Vlad from the clutches of the Golden Dagger Triad, and now it’s payback time. In the Black Cat Heist, Vlad and the gang are gonna hit them where it hurts. A large casino onboard the Black Cat, a luxurious cruise ship full of society’s highest and lowest.
  2. Vlad knows his tormentor from the docks is aboard and so is a large amount of the Triad’s funds. He has sent you and the gang to infiltrate the ship and send a message to the Triad.

A Suit and Mask for the heister of the future

  1. What more can you ask for than this great set of Hi-Tech masks and cool-looking suits and gloves?
  2. In the Mega City Tailor Pack, we got four awesome-looking robotic masks with a bit of inspiration from martial arts. Each mask has its own color scheme with its own color variant among the gloves and the suits. Triple down on your favorite color or mix and match among them all. What style will you pick?
  3. 1. Cybertrench Monochrome, Cyber Monkey, Padded Monkey.
  4. 2. Cyberhoodie Red, Robo Mantis, Padded Mantis.
  5. 3. Cyberhoodie Yellow, Electro Tiger, Padded Tiger.
  6. 4. Cybertrench Green, Viper Cyberjack, Padded Viper.

Dragon Bomber Red

  1. We also offer another color variant of the Dragon Bomber suit. This release comes with a red and black variant of the suit, decorated with two silver dragons on the chest. Heist in style with this new variant of the Dragon Bomber, and why not combine it with one of the new masks from Mega City Tailor Pack?
  2. Joy wearing the Dragon Bomber Red suit waiting for the winch in the Black Cat heist.


  1. Fixed an issue on Henry’s Rock that allowed the player to get stuck behind some crates in the starting area.
  2. Fixed a graphical issue where the waypoint for the drill would become permenantly stuck when drills gets fixed with the Kickstarter skill.


  1. Fixed an issue with KS12 Urban Rifle when using the carry handle mod and a 45-degree sight.
  2. Fixed a visual issue with the bullets in the magazine of the KS12 Urban Rifle that appeared untextured if a weapon color was applied.
  3. Improved the pattern tiling for the RUS-12 Angry Tiger Revolver.
  4. Improved the pattern tiling for the Káng Arms Model 54 Pistol.
  5. Improved the pattern tiling for the KS12 Urban Rifle.
  6. Tweaks made to the stats of the RUS-12 Angry Tiger Revolver.
  7. Total Ammo has been increased from 15 to 20.
  8. Ammo Pickup has been increased to 1 bullet per ammo box instead of 1 bullet for every third ammo box.
  9. Concealment has been changed from 20 to 25.
  10. Fixed a graphical issue where attaching gadget mods to certain SMG’s would add additional railing to certain SMGs.