Update #216


  1. Added an event music override button to the option menu.
  2. Added outfits as a tag for achievement filtering under inventory requirements.
  3. Added weapon charms as a tag for achievement filtering under unlocks.
  4. Fixed an issue where the same string was used for the Infamy menu and the join stinger menu.


  1. Fixed a crash related to shield units that fire their gun as they die and after having dropped their shield.
  2. Improved performance when checking for equipped weapons in relation to damage dealt.


  1. Updated the light in the main menu.
  2. Fixed a visual issue with the outline on the Boardroom Havoc outfit.
  3. Fixed a visual issue on various heists where secured loot bags would have a yellow outline.
  4. Fixed an issue where a selected throwable would revert back to the selected perk deck items upon starting the game.
  5. Fixed a small graphical issue on the Improved Combined Tactical Vest when equipped by Ethan.