Update #216.3

  1. The heists Breakin’ Feds, Hoxton Breakout, and Buluc’s Mansion have now returned to normal. Bulldozers and Cloakers have (for the most part) hung up their Santa hats in wait for next year.
  2. As the weather starts to slowly turn warmer to more slush, the fine white now to make snowballs is sadly no longer available. As Jimmy threw out the stash that I saved in the fridge to make room for more booze, we will have to wait until next winter for another snowball fight.
  3. Of course, the Leech Perk Deck is will remain available as will "Bulbous Bauble" and the "Lightbringer" weapon charms with their associated achievements. The Winter Ghosts Tailor Pack[ovk.af] and all its content will remain available.
  4. Finally,"Today Is PAYDAY Too", the awesome song made by Gustavo Coutinho and vocalized by Pete Gold, will no longer play in the main menu, but it will remain available under sound options as a custom menu track.