Update #219.1

  1. Fixed an issue where AI didn’t walk out of the penthouse when fire alarm was triggered.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Saints & Sinners outfit was removed.
  3. Fixed an issue where there was no collision behind a mirror shelf.
  4. Fixed an issue where a waypoint reminder with fire alarm was displaying the wrong area.
  5. Fixed an issue where guards could spot players through a wall in the electrical wiring room.
  6. Fixed a visual glitch to a door frame attached to a hidden server room.
  7. Fixed a visual glitch to a door/wall disappearing inside of a security room.
  8. Fixed a visual glitch to a missing door in the penthouse area towards the kitchen.
  9. Fixed an issue where lamps were visually disappearing around poker table.
  10. Fixed an issue with a wall where C4 and ECMs could be placed inside of it.
  11. Fixed an issue where players could get stuck under a staircase railing on the roof.
  12. Fixed an issue where a waypoint could get stuck when there was drilling ongoing.
  13. Fixed a potential soft-blocker occurring after killing triad boss in stealth.
  14. Potential fix for boss disappearing in loud combat.