Update #221

McShay Weapon Pack

  1. The McShay Weapon Pack is the second DLC in the Midland Bundle. This DLC contains three weapons, which all bring something new and exciting to the table. If you are looking to change up your playstyle or a new trick up your sleeve, look no further. The DLC is packed to the brim with both damage potential and fresh new gameplay.
  2. Weapons: Basilisk 3V Grenade Launcher, SG Versteckt 51D Light Machine Gun, Pronghorn Sniper Rifle.
  3. The Basilisk 3V is a new grenade launcher for the secondary weapon slot. Pump out grenades with a new Burst Fire mode and saturate the battlefield with rapid explosions. The Pack also gives you access to the ammunition version of the Viper Grenade for all Grenade Launchers. This grenade lets you flood any area with poison gas while keeping you at a comfortable distance.
  4. The SG Versteckt 51D Light Machine Gun is a small and concealable belt-fed LMG. Its smaller frame makes the weapon unsuitable for bipods, but it does allow the weapon to be held like a rifle, to utilize its iron sights instead, or any other sight for that matter. Watch the belt dance as lead flies downrange, it’s an absolute joy to fire.
  5. The Pronghorn Sniper Rifle is not only concealable but it’s also the first sniper rifle for the secondary weapon slot. This bolt action sniper rifle will surely be a great backup weapon for your main sniper rifle, or your brand new bullet hose LMG.

Viper Grenade

  1. But wait, there’s more. After downloading this update you will also find a throwable version of the Viper Grenade, and you can unlock this handful of poisonous gas via an achievement.
  2. To unlock the grenade you need to:
  3. [Kill 200 enemies using poison on the OVERKILL difficulty or above, while wearing the Scrubs outfit.].
  4. Once unlocked, it’s yours to use at your hearts content. This grenade can only be acquired through this achievement.


  1. General performance improvements for unit update code.
  2. Potential crash fix related to magazine drops with HQ weapons enabled.
  3. Fixed an issue that caused Grenade Launchers to deal double damage.


  1. Fixed the Zeal Dozer visor so it breaks as intended.
  2. Fixed a graphical issue when Bonnie was wearing the "Dive Bomber" suit.


  1. Fixed various spelling and grammatical errors.