Update February 17, 2021

Steam | Beta Branch


  1. The $50 photo reward challenge has been changed to be a total $50 reward over multiple games.
  2. Banshees will now hunt like other ghosts and target any player when it’s target player is outside.


  1. School: Fixed an error with the top floor truck map where one of the hallways had a wall through the middle.
  2. Ridgeview: Fixed a bug where the bone and ghost orbs could spawn out of the map if they tried to spawn in the basement.
  3. Fixed a bug where objects could fall through the basement floor on several maps.
  4. School: Fixed a bug where the window fingerprints on every window was facing outside.
  5. Fixed a bug where the spirit box could say "Nothing Detected" after it had been turned off.
  6. Fixed a bug where the $50 photo reward challenge would complete if you only got a $10 photo reward.
  7. Fixed a bug where some items were not spawning in training.
  8. Fixed a bug where alive players could hear a dead players voice if the dead player disconnected then reconnected their microphone.
  9. Fixed a bug where the fuse box audio would play at the start of professional contracts.