Update February 18, 2021

Steam | Beta Branch


  1. Added a warning on the main menu which will tell you if your PC might be below the minimum requirements.
  2. Added an "Are you sure?" check after clicking the training button on the main menu.


  1. Tanglewood: Removed the thunder sound that had voices in it and replaced it with two other thunder sounds.


  1. Fixed a bug where if you glitched out of the truck when it was closing the game wouldn’t end.
  2. Fixed a bug where the power sound wouldn’t play if the ghost turned it off.
  3. Fixed an issue where the loading text when first opening the game wasn’t localised.
  4. School: Fixed several errors with the top floor map.
  5. Tanglewood: Fixed a bug where the boys bedroom monitor would not turn off with the power.
  6. Grafton and School: Fixed several locations where you would lose sanity if the lights were on.