Update February 21, 2021

Steam | Beta Branch


  1. Removed the below minimum spec warning as it was giving some false warnings. This will instead be output into the log file for debugging.

Experimental Changes

  1. Asylum: Moved most CCTV cameras to help with fps when in the truck.
  2. Asylum: Several minor changes to most rooms to make them easier to navigate and to remove safe spots.
  3. Asylum: Adjusted the lighting across the entire map to help with fps. Please let me know if there are any lighting or fps issues.
  4. Asylum: Potentially significant improvements to the loading time. This will also help prevent crashes during loading.


  1. Potential fix for some players being able to grab the exit doors when they are closing for a hunt.
  2. Fixed a bug where the 3rd daily challenge would show the total value needed for the 2nd challenge.
  3. Fixed a bug where freezing temperatures could be in different rooms for each player.
  4. Grafton: Potential fix for some objects sometimes spawning outside.