Update October 12, 2019


  1. Fixed infinite loading when launching the game with Windows set to use the Turkish language.
  2. Improved quest helper text during the quest "The Human Wake".
  3. Fixed broken controller prompts when using a controller other than Xbox.
  4. Fixed being blocked in first mural cave when reloading while needing to find Amam in "The Ceremony" quest.
  5. Fixed getting stuck during the objective "Investigate the Abandoned Watchtower" if the player has already visited the watchtower in the "Gearing Up" quest.
  6. Fixed getting stuck if the player eats any of the collected "Carrants" in "A Nose for Adventure" quest.
  7. Fixed wording of tutorial when being taught "The Poke" attack move. Now it should be more clear that the player is required to tap the sprint button instead of holding it in "The Ceremony" quest.
  8. Fixed wording of "Explore the Pollen Pass" to clarify that it is a cave in "Gearing Up" quest.
  9. Fixed credits appearing on reload if the quest "A Proper Goodbye" was started, but abandoned mid-way.
  10. Fixed Human SFX not being adjusted when changing the SFX slider.
  11. Fixed various floating trees on the island.


  1. Added version at the bottom right of the main menu.
  2. Reduced autosave frequency.
  3. Adjusted position of the sensitivity + remapping section in the settings menu.
  4. Changed Key Graphite to be part of the "Important items" tab in the player’s inventory.
  5. Added logic to spawn "Explosive keg" if the player has full inventory in "Word of Mouth" quest.
  6. Added skip cinematic functionality in "Gearing Up" quest.
  7. Tweaked text in glossary.
  8. Tweaked opacity of the fog VFX in various areas in the open-world.