Update September 24, 2020


  1. Added Japanese language support.
  2. Added Simplified Chinese language support.

Changes and Tweaks

  1. Tweaked hold interact UI for better visibility.
  2. Font update for all asian languages for much improved readability.


  1. Fixed ’A Chilling Affair’ quest bug (did not progress sometimes).
  2. Fixed player being able to die while in between area transitions.
  3. Made the monument tower in the Dry Bay a persistent landmark, visible from all angles/distances now.
  4. Solidified Lumiconda Tooth puzzle logic in the Ancient Stables for lower-end machines.
  5. Fixed an assert when trading with an empty inventory, causing trading logic and UI to be off.
  6. Various text fixes in multiple languages.
  7. Various memory optimizations across the board.
  8. Various optimizations through cleaning up code.