Update October 15, 2019


  1. Fixed "The Council" getting stuck if you’ve previously solved the puzzle.
  2. Fixed "Solid Measures" quest where a world state would cause infinite reloads.
  3. Fixed Scouting Lens "deploy" tutorial not staying in the "Dune’s Observatory".
  4. Fixed Melee and Ranged glossary images being swapped.
  5. Fixed Waddletooth "Dig piles" to be only triggered by Waddletooths.
  6. Fixed Vault Notes being interactable earlier than they are supposed to in "The First Vault" quest.
  7. Fixed one of Aedwin’s voice lines playing with the wrong dialogue.
  8. Added a fix that prevents the raid horn sound from being played during cinematics.


  1. Added jumpable debris in front of Vault entrances whenever players complete "The Word of Mouth" quest with a Vault village - addition addresses scenarios in which the simulation changes and walls re-appear in front of the chosen Vaults.
  2. Reduced the volume and added a break in between loops for the Cariblin village music.