Update October 23, 2019


  1. Fixed achievements - "Carpenter" and "Potion Master".
  2. Fixed dismounting of Alpafants which would cause players to get stuck occasionally.
  3. Fixed occasions in which "Scouting Lens" would cause the player to get stuck.
  4. Fixed hole in "New Home" cave that was impossible to get out of.
  5. Fixed a bad spawn point in "Old Home" post "The Pact" quest.
  6. Fixed "Sprint" tutorial hanging post Marla dialogue in "The Ceremony" quest.
  7. Fixed various floating props in the open-world.
  8. Fixed race lever in Ancient Stables not displaying unless very close on lower graphics settings.


  1. Changed various platforming sections to be more accessible - "Schnusky’s Bet" quest race, various Vault platforming sections, Litter Cave platforming section.
  2. Changed Open-World Puzzle in the "Sparse Fields" region.
  3. Added functionality to skip Schnusky’s Race cinematic in "Schnusky’s Bet" quest.