Update November 15, 2019


  1. Initial performance pass to attempt to reduce stutters while playing the game.
  2. Fixed game saving during transitions from interiors to the open-world where the player would end up outside with nothing loaded.
  3. Fixed Lumiconda Tooth item checkpoint in the Ancient Stables, where the game would autosave prior to collecting the item.
  4. Fixed various visual glitches in the Ancient Stables.
  5. Fixed some incorrect language strings.


  1. [Steam] Added 5 new achievements.
  2. Added more granular graphical options in the settings menu.
  3. Added ultrawide support.
  4. Added a persistent note in front of the Vaults, reminding the players that the villages are ever changing.
  5. Added glossary entries for - Outfindings, Role Tokens, Droolica.