Update June 24, 2020


  1. Auto camera steering setting added.
  2. Support for separate inversion settings on ranged and normal camera aiming.
  3. Separate sensitivity for ranged aiming.
  4. Added ’coyote time’ for smoother and more forgiving platforming.
  5. Dodge cancelling for more responsive combat.
  6. Added a loading screen bar to see the progress.
  7. Fractional directional control in combat so that you can choose your direction in some parts of some moves, making combat much more responsive.
  8. Scouting Lens map radius now showing Key Graphite pickups.
  9. Dutch language support.
  10. Korean language support.

Changes and tweaks

  1. Removed smoothing from camera aim.
  2. Kicking and sliding is now always possible (also in ranged and when nothing is equipped).
  3. Changed quest start and end sound (is now different).
  4. When leaving an interior (cave or Vault) with your Scouting Lens deployed inside, it will automatically return to you.
  5. You can now roll and jump out of crouch.
  6. Slow motion effect on combat moves tweaked to make it more responsive.
  7. Camera collision redone for smoother camera movement, particularly in interiors.


  1. Garbage collect stutters reduced through implementation of incremental garbage collection, giving a much more consistent framerate.
  2. UI revamp with many fixes (such as overlapping quest text, long string overflow, etc.).
  3. Fixed text appearing with a few frames delay.
  4. Improved lock-on/focus camera (was often glitching and disorientating).
  5. Improved dialogue camera.
  6. Fixed Hue floating up (as if standing on a box) in certain locations after jumping.
  7. Fixed interacts with certain context (such as ’ignite’ and ’enter’) using incorrect string.
  8. Metal and wood footstep parameters added for Hue.
  9. Fixed ’The Crossing’ cutscene part 2 audio, because it had Alpafants sniffing through it.
  10. Cave entrance now drawn behind fog.
  11. Fixed a bunch of unlocalized strings, among others in the map menu, Vault title cards and main quest tutorials.
  12. Localized controls rebinding menus.
  13. Footstep speed parameter now scaled with animation (crouching).
  14. Only footwear covering feet gives ’boots’ footstep sounds now.
  15. Fixed totem village information UI missing after raiding villages.
  16. Grounded several floating assets.
  17. Numerous fixes for wrong speaker roles in dialogues.
  18. Various questing bug fixes and stability improvements.
  19. Numerous optimizations on all fronts.
  20. Fixed status modifiers overflowing and being unclear in effect in equipment UI.
  21. Fixed broken night visuals on village lanterns.
  22. Fixed waterfall and torch particles not being LODed.