Update April 7, 2021

General Bug Fixes and Improvements


  1. Fixed a small number of animation issues where the Binturong would become misshapen.
  2. Fixed a dark visual issue on the side of the Binturong nose.
  3. Fixed an issue when animals jump into water where they would teleport to water surface.
  4. Fixed an issue where the female Binturong would not interact with the Tree Forager food enrichment.
  5. Fixed the Dhole tongue being detached from mouth before fight animation begins.
  6. Fixed a small number of animation issues when the Clouded Leopard used the Hammock.
  7. Increased the Gharial deep swimming speed slightly.
  8. Fixed an animation issue where animals can jerk when jumping.
  9. Fixed an issue where animals would rotate in the air while jumping.
  10. Fixed an issue where the Malayan Tapir, Proboscis Monkey and Babirusa could spawn without proper textures.


  1. Four new billboard assets were added for more customisability in your zoos:
  2. Screen Panel 1m x 1m (+ a Lit version).
  3. Screen Panel 2m x 2m (+ a Lit version).
  4. Added new Babirusa animal sign for Southeast Asia pack owners.
  5. Fixed the education speaker showing an override texture option.

Game Modes


  1. Fixed an issue where animals were still becoming pregnant if the ageing and birth was disabled in the sandbox settings.


  1. Fixed a small number of geometry issues in the following scenario reward statues:
  2. Bornean Orangutan.
  3. Giant Panda.
  4. Indian Rhinoceros.
  5. Japanese Macaque.
  6. Lion.
  7. Siberian Tiger.


  1. Fixed the Keeper not accessing the Underwater Feeder in certain circumstances.
  2. Fixed an issue when an Animal Talk point gives out a notification saying it is not accessible when it actually is.


Help Topics

  1. Added guest spawner to the help submenu.


  1. Replaced the old Binturong icons with new updated version.
  2. Added new icons for maturation and conception in timeline.
  3. Fixed Flexicolour palette resetting to red when selecting any shade of pure grey.
  4. Fixed Information boards custom tab having very little space when adding custom media due to the requirement text window below.


  1. General Crash Fixes.


  1. General performance tweaks and optimisations.