Update January 19, 2021


  1. Addressed a number of issues with animals getting stuck while deep swimming.
  2. Addressed a number of issues causing swimming animals to escape the habitat.
  3. Tweaked animal deep swim navigation splines to have more variation.
  4. Fixed an issue where frame performance slowly decreases during run time as an animal keeps taking an infinite navigation path.
  5. Updated the following five animals’ biome preferences on their education boards.

Desert was added to

  1. African Wild Dog.
  2. Cheetah.
  3. Common Ostrich.

Taiga was added to

  1. Giant Panda.
  2. Formosan Black Bear.
  3. Updated the Capuchin Monkey education board image to reflect the IUCN change on the conservation status from Least Concern to Vulnerable.
  4. Fixed multiple aquatic plant items not being available in the nature menu when the Aquatic Theme filter is applied:
  5. Giant Rhubarb Plant.
  6. Lipstick Palm Tree.
  7. Ponytail Palm Tree.
  8. Titan Arum.
  9. Underwater Hydrilla Plant.
  10. Water Hyacinth Large/Medium/Small.
  11. Fixed the Giant Otter not being tagged on the Mud Bath Enrichment, despite being suitable via the Zoopedia.
  12. Fixed an issue where the Frozen Blood Pumpkins and Fruit In Ice don’t render when placed while the game is paused.
  13. Adjusted animal AI on using jetty bedding options.
  14. Animals no longer count as obstructions to lake placement, they will just be boxed on water being placed on top, hence improving the placement of water.
  15. Tweaked deep swimming animals scenery collision avoidance, will require existing lakes to be updated to cause the update to happen.
  16. Fixed issues with animal box buoyancy.
  17. >Tweak path vs water hit checks to allow closer placement of path to waters edge (including water against glass barrier).
  18. Fixed the Giant Otter female’s eyes turning completely white on certain animations.
  19. Fixed an issue where animals can float up walking to the side of a water filled glass barrier.
  20. Increased resolution on underwater feeder particles.
  21. Fixed issue causing animals to get stuck in place at the edge of water/land boundaries.
  22. Removed the word ’bear’ from the Koala description in the Zoopedia.


  1. Animal Talks will now end if an escaped animal comes nearby.
  2. Guests now break out of viewing Animal Talks if the zoo closes.


  1. Added height tags to Aquatic Waterfall Cliff assets.
  2. Fixed small gap between Climbable Branch 4m Irregular Shape and the surfaces its being placed on.
  3. Fixed the Spatial Data on the Painted Slate Roof Corner 2m Eave as it was not covering the whole asset.
  4. Aquatic Assets - Fixed painted Slate Roof Corner 1m Eave missing the Painted Wood colour flexicolour option.
  5. Fixed the Aquatic Habitat Large Blueprint requiring the Australia DLC.
  6. Fixed an issue where a scenery piece had a corrupted transform in a save, causing heavy performance issues when the game is un-paused.


  1. Linked up the Water Temperature Regulator dial on the asset with the generated temperature.
  2. Fixed Caretaker and Presenter sharing the same icon on staff room info panel while inside a staff building.
  3. Fixed staff room UI to correctly differentiate running costs and power costs.


  1. Fixed Habitat Barrier widgets from overlapping in the vertical axis.
  2. Fixed access to group flexi colour UI after opening edit group UI.
  3. Fixed an issue where the Guest Happiness Rating doesn’t dynamically update on the Guest tab in the Zoo Overview menu.
  4. Fixed issue an issue of giving frequent alerts that educators are spending a lot of time walking.
  5. Fixed an issue where the staff info panel would not open after using the workzone manager.
  6. Fixed an issue where locked buildings would be removed from workzones upon accessing the workzone editor.
  7. Fixed an issue with transport ride management price stepper not increasing at the same rate as the info panel.
  8. Fixed re-doing a deletion of a transport ride while ride info panel is open from causing an error.
  9. Renaming an animal in the management page now instantly updates the animal’s info panel.


  1. Various localisation fixes.


  1. Further crash and stability fixes.
  2. Performance tweaks and optimisations.