Update March 30, 2021

New Content

NEW - Animals

  1. Deep Swimming behaviours have been added to the Gharial. This change is available for free for all users, regardless of DLC ownership. We’re looking to add deep swimming to other animals in future updates where suitable.
  2. Two brand new enrichment items are included with the Southeast Asia Animal Pack:
  3. Toy enrichment: Hammock.
  4. Food enrichment: Forage Wall.
  5. Three free enrichment items have been added to the base game:
  6. Toy enrichments: Tamarind Scratching Tree and Scots Pine Scratching Tree.
  7. Food enrichment: Block of Frozen Fish.

NEW - Billboards

  1. Billboards have now been added to the game along with three new mounts for attaching billboard to your creations. These are available for free to all players, regardless of DLC ownership.
  2. These billboards also have the ability to set advertised destinations, allowing you to encourage guests to visit different habitats, exhibits, shops and facilities around your zoo.
  3. New items: Projection Screens (4m, 8m, 16m, 32m, Lit/Unlit), TV Screen (1m, 2m, 4m), Screen Panel 4x4 (Lit/Unlit) and Screen Mount (Ceiling, Wall, Pole).
  4. We have also added the ability to override the images shown on Education and Conservation boards (Educational Content will still need to be set in the UI as usual in order to function correctly).
  5. We are providing images and videos as well as templates for these screens and allowing you to enter your own custom ones by adding them to ’Documents\Frontier Developments\Planet Zoo\UserMedia’.
  6. Images must be in either .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .tiff or .tga formats.
  7. Video must be in the .webm format.

NEW - Multiple Zoo Entrances

  1. Added the ability to purchase Guest Spawners in all game modes to give players the ability to improve guest distribution around zoos.
  2. Added the ability to turn off guest spawners to prevent guests spawning from a specific location.
  3. Guests will still use the closest accessible spawner to leave the zoo regardless of being set to on or off.
  4. Added new blueprints with guest spawners and entrance gates for all game modes.
  5. African, Classic, East Asian, Indian and New World themed (free).
  6. Aquatic themed (Aquatic Pack).
  7. Arctic themed (Arctic Pack).
  8. Australia themed (Australia Pack).
  9. South American themed (South America Pack).

NEW - Scenario Rewards

  1. Scenarios and Timed Scenarios now reward you with the associated animal pin on the globe as a scenery statue to place in your zoos.
  2. Statues come in 4 varieties: Stone, Bronze, Silver and Gold. All of which are individual items in the scenery browser.
  3. Unlocking a scenario will award that scenarios statues stone version.
  4. Completing a scenario to each medal will award that scenarios statues colour variant.
  5. If you have already completed a scenario prior to this update, you will already have unlocked the statues! They will be waiting for you in the scenery browser the next time you load in to a zoo.

NEW - Free Timed Scenario

  1. Go back to the beginning, to before Bernie created his first ever zoo, Goodwin House. Take over the renovation of Scholey Manor, the grounds of Bernie’s first zoo, and build it into a thriving attraction. See if you can beat Bernie’s record for a successful lion breeding program in this new free timed scenario available to all players regardless of DLC ownership.

NEW - Timed Scenarios front end update

  1. Added a panel on the front end to make it easier to jump straight into the timed scenarios menu.
  2. This panel is in addition to the old location within the Career menu.

NEW - Water Visual Settings

  1. Water volumes are now set up as fully interactable and selectable objects and can have their colour and visibility levels set using flexicolour and the new transparency slider.
  2. There are several ways to select a body of water. If there are no other selectable elements under your cursor you can click water in the normal mode or you can use the new selection tool in the terrain water menu.
  3. Water visual cleanliness is locked when you customise water, however, actual cleanliness will still change over time and all the usual steps still need to be taken to keep bodies of water, and animals, healthy and disease free.

NEW - Franchise mode improvements

  1. We have switched the Franchise Animal Trading UI from using the webpage to using the same UI as our offline modes to improve UI responsiveness.
  2. Multi-Select has been restored to animal storage in a new form. Just like the Animal Management UI, multi-select animals by selecting the checkboxes next to the animals, and individually select by clicking the animal itself.
  3. Added ability to open Franchise Zoos as a new Sandbox from "My Zoos" in the front end menu (duplicating the franchise zoo as a sandbox).

NEW - Staff Traversable Area Map

  1. Added a new heat map view that allows players to see all the areas in habitats that staff can reach from the habitat gate.
  2. The heat map also highlights objects that keepers need to reach such as feeders and water stations.
  3. This new heat map can be found in Habitat Heat Maps under the drop down menu as "Staff traversable area".

General Bug Fixes and Improvements


  1. General climbing bug fixes.
  2. Updated swim height on the juvenile wolf.
  3. Fixed sleeping animations on the Jaguar so that the tail no longer clips into the ground.
  4. Adjusted the Diamondback terrapin species range on the zoopedia map and description. Updated the animal’s temperature range, previous temperatures only took recommended basking temperatures into account; we have adjusted the temperature range to include recommended base temperatures for water and air as well.
  5. Adjusted exploration behaviours for Saltwater Crocodile, Gharial, Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman, Polar Bear, King Penguin and Grey Seal slightly. These animals will now tend to stay closer to bodies of water in their enclosure while not swimming.
  6. The Pronghorn’s biome suitability was expanded to include Taiga on both the Habitat Education Board and Zoopedia, which brings it more in line with its natural habitat.
  7. Fixed an issue where the Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman did not sleep in the water. It can now choose to sleep while swimming, as all the other crocodiles do.
  8. Fixed an issue where an animal that dies while boxed cannot be removed from zoo.
  9. Made adjustments to upper/lower temperature limits where necessary to fit into native biomes for:
  10. Dingo.
  11. Koala.
  12. Kangaroo.
  13. Grey Seal.
  14. Caiman.
  15. Fixed an issue where various animals from grassland, rain forest and desert biomes were not able to cope with the upper/lower temperatures in zoos located in their native biomes.


Added flexicolour to water VFX

  1. Special Effect Fountain Jet Large.
  2. Special Effect Fountain Jet Medium.
  3. Special Effect Fountain Jet Small.
  4. Special Effect Underwater Bubbles Large.
  5. Special Effect Underwater Bubbles Medium.
  6. Special Effect Underwater Bubbles Small.
  7. Special Effect Water Jet Large.
  8. Special Effect Water Jet Medium.
  9. Special Effect Water Jet Small.
  10. Special Effect Water Jet Splash Large.
  11. Special Effect Water Jet Splash Medium.
  12. Special Effect Water Jet Splash Small.
  13. Special Effect Water Rapids Foam.
  14. Special Effect Water Rapids Splash.
  15. Special Effect Waterfall Bottom 10m.
  16. Special Effect Waterfall Bottom 5m.
  17. Special Effect Waterfall Mid Section 10m.
  18. Special Effect Waterfall Mid Section 5m.
  19. Special Effect Waterfall Top 10m.
  20. Special Effect Waterfall Top 5m.
  21. Waterfall Cliff Formation 4m x 4m x 4m.
  22. Waterfall Cliff Formation 4m x 8m x 4m.
  23. Waterfall Cliff Formation 8m x 4m x 4m.
  24. Added continent tags to all rock assets. It should now be easier to swap between plant and rock menus in the nature browser as you will no longer need to remove continent filters for rocks to show up.
  25. Adjusted the bounding box physics for the Mech-A-Roo to more closely match where the asset sits to allow more accurate placement.
  26. Added missing Flexicolour tag added to several Concrete Wall and Indian Pillar assets.
  27. Improved and tightened the bounding boxes for 2D Font Boogaloo assets for more accurate selection.
  28. Fixed the Indian Street Light 01 & New World Decorative Lights Bracket so they wouldn’t add to the power cost, as they do not produce light.

Game Modes


  1. Added toggle option to enable/disable litter in sandbox mode under gameplay settings. Disabling will stop guests throwing litter and also remove all current litter.


  1. Updated completion times for Cophaga Park (Timed Scenario) in order to better balance the difficulty of the scenario.


  1. Fixed staff flickering if you try to place them while the camera’s moving.
  2. Toilets are now cleaned on a schedule, can’t be vandalised, and no longer need repairing by mechanics.
  3. Fixed Caretaker taking too long when cleaning toilets.
  4. Fixed Keeper’s vacuum playing strange animations.
  5. Fixed an issue where binding any controls to the Y key would not work.

Zoo Construction

  1. Fixed an issue where connecting a barrier wall to a post with curved barriers on, would tell you the barrier is too long to place, even though it is below the 20m limit since it has snapped to being a straight line.
  2. Fixed custom edited names for Trade Centres not being retained over a save and load, on reload building would switch name back to "Animal Trade Centre".


Main Browser

  1. Conservation boards, habitat info boards, exhibit info boards, education speakers and the animal talk point now have an "Educational" tag by which you can filter the ’Media Devices and Education’ facilities browser.

Info panels


  1. Exhibit animal info pop-ups now remember which tab was last open, and remembering tabs is now consistent across habitat/exhibit animals.


  1. Fixed Titan Arum appearing as an Umbrella Thorn Acacia in info panels, and using the same stats.


  1. Added a status message on renewable power sources to say when they are not working because they are in shelter.


  1. Updated references of "Lakes" to "Bodies of water" to unify our terminology.


  1. Keeper huts in the ’Maintenance’ section now correctly display how often the hut has been used to collect food in the past year.
  2. Fix "Habitats served in the last year" stat on keeper hut, also adding "exhibit served" data similar to "habitats served".
  3. "Habitats have become merged and invalid" and "A habitat has become invalid" notification are now sent when they happen rather than up to 30s later.

Help Topics

  1. In-game help articles can be accessed with F1 and have been updated with the following topics:
  2. New topics for Water Customisation and Billboards have been added to the ’Basics’ and ’Build a Zoo’ sections, respectively.
  3. The following topics have been updated to include information about the features added in free update 1.5.0: Game Modes, Water Cleanliness, Zoo Entrances, and Education Items.


  1. Selecting the continent and biome buttons in the animal info popup environment tab will now pull up the scenery browser, filtered to show plants from those categories.
  2. Pressing the esc key can now also close the weather and time pop up UI if it’s open, it will be affected after the settings menu and heatmaps in terms of priority.
  3. Expanded Indonesian animal name language List.


  1. General Fixes.


  1. Fixed an issue where having every animal placed in your zoo would result in blurry textures on high end graphic cards.
  2. General performance tweaks and optimisations.