Update May 4, 2021

General Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed not being able to delete or modify a guest spawner and Zoo Entrance after reloading Franchise Save.
  2. Fixed being able to delete zoo entrances and ticket barriers outside the boundaries to gain extra cash.
  3. Fixed the cash and Conservation Credit filters not working in the Animal Market in non-Franchise modes.
  4. Fixed wrong size tags on large and small common water lily.
  5. Fixed Incorrect size symbol for 1m x 1m and 2m x 2m screen panels.
  6. Fixed settings menu closing itself while in Franchise mode.
  7. Fixed an issue with the water tool status not being disabled in Scenario tutorials.
  8. Fixed not being able to place the large herbivore habitat blueprint.
  9. Fixed an issue where the genetics rating filter would sometimes show in Franchise Mode, despite being unsupported.
  10. Added Dhole model and animation tweaks.
  11. Added small ball enrichment tags for the Arctic Wolf.
  12. Added Flexicolour tags that were missing from concrete construction pieces.
  13. Added missing Flexicolour tag to special effect scenery pieces.
  14. Removed incorrect tags from some scenery.
  15. Updated the conservation status of the African Elephant from VU to EN.
  16. Adjusted crowd pull for educational talks.
  17. Added collapsible headers for staff management page.


  1. General Crash Fixes.