Update June 21, 2022

NEW - Animals

  1. New animals in the Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack:
  2. Amur Leopard.
  3. Przewalski’s Horse.
  4. Scimitar-Horned Oryx.
  5. Siamang.
  6. Axolotl.

NEW - Timed Scenario

  1. This beautiful Mongolian Park was created in order to aid with conservation efforts, protecting the pristine habitat of the local wildlife as well as being an educational hotspot for tourism. What a wonderful place to set up our new orphanage!
  2. Challenge, and Sandbox versions of the map are available.
  3. Terrain only sandbox and challenge variants of the map are also available.

NEW - Scenery Pieces

  1. Conservation Lamp Shade 01 Large.
  2. Conservation Lamp Shade 02 Large.
  3. Conservation Lamp Shade 01 Small.
  4. Conservation Lamp Shade 02 Small.
  5. Conservation Lamp Ceiling Rose.
  6. Conservation Lamp Bulb.
  7. Conservation Lamppost.
  8. Conservation Lamppost Blossom.
  9. Conservation Lamppost Stalk.
  10. Conservation Solar Garden Light.
  11. Conservation Tool Fork.
  12. Conservation Tool Rake.
  13. Conservation Tool Shovel 01.
  14. Conservation Tool Trowel.
  15. Conservation Tool Broom.
  16. Conservation Tool Shovel 02.
  17. Conservation Tool Shovel 03.
  18. Conservation Tool Wall Hook.
  19. Conservation Plastic Crate 01.
  20. Conservation Plastic Crate 02.
  21. Conservation Plastic Bucket 01.
  22. Conservation Plastic Bucket 02.
  23. Conservation Gutter Downpipe Bracket.
  24. Conservation Gutter Halfpipe 4m.
  25. Conservation Gutter Halfpipe Bracket.
  26. Conservation Gutter Halfpipe 2m.
  27. Conservation Gutter Pipe 2m.
  28. Conservation Gutter Downpipe Exit.
  29. Conservation Gutter Drain.
  30. Conservation Gutter Halfpipe T Section.
  31. Conservation Gutter Pipe 4m.
  32. Conservation Gutter Pipe Bend.
  33. Conservation Gutter Halfpipe Bend.
  34. Conservation Gutter Pipe 1m.
  35. Conservation Gutter Halfpipe End.
  36. Conservation Gutter Halfpipe Connection.
  37. Conservation Gutter Pipe Connection.
  38. Conservation Gutter Halfpipe 1m.
  39. Conservation Air Con 2m.
  40. Conservation Air Con 1m.
  41. Conservation Air Con Bend 01.
  42. Conservation Air Con Bend 02.
  43. Conservation Air Con Vent.
  44. Conservation Watering Can.
  45. Conservation Water Butt.
  46. Conservation Water Butt Base.
  47. Conservation Cardboard Box Bananas.
  48. Conservation Cardboard Box Apples.
  49. Conservation Wall Mounted Hose.
  50. Conservation Hose Cart.
  51. Conservation Wall Tap.
  52. Conservation Wheelbarrow.
  53. Conservation Trellis Teepee.
  54. Conservation Trellis Wall Square.
  55. Conservation Trellis Wall Hexagon.
  56. Conservation Bench.
  57. Conservation Picnic Bench.
  58. Conservation Picnic Canopy.
  59. Conservation Sculpture Scimitar-Horned Oryx.
  60. Conservation Sculpture Amur Leopard.
  61. Conservation Sculpture Przewalski’s Horse.
  62. Conservation Sculpture Siamang.
  63. Conservation Sculpture Amur Leopard Mirrored.
  64. Conservation Sculpture Przewalski’s Horse Mirrored.
  65. Conservation Sculpture Siamang Mirrored.
  66. Conservation Blinds Slat 1m.
  67. Conservation Blinds Slat 2m.
  68. Conservation Blinds Slat 4m.
  69. Conservation Blinds Panel 1m x 2m.
  70. Conservation Blinds Panel 1m x 1m.
  71. Conservation Flowerpot Terracotta Large.
  72. Conservation Flowerpot Terracotta Small.
  73. Conservation Flowerpot Terracotta Base.
  74. Conservation Flowerpot Terracotta Foot.
  75. Conservation Flowerpot Painted Small.
  76. Conservation Flowerpot Painted Large.
  77. Conservation Flowerpot Painted Base.
  78. Conservation Flowerpot Painted Foot.
  79. Conservation Flowerpot Mulch.
  80. Conservation Vegetable Pumpkin 01.
  81. Conservation Vegetable Pumpkin 02.
  82. Conservation Vegetable Pumpkin 03.
  83. Conservation Vegetable Marrow.
  84. Conservation Vegetable Potato.
  85. Conservation Vegetable Cauliflower.
  86. Conservation Vegetable Carrot.
  87. Conservation Insect Hotel.
  88. Conservation Slat Cladding Panel 1m x 1m.
  89. Conservation Slat Cladding Panel 1m x 2m.
  90. Conservation Slat Cladding Panel 2m x 1m.
  91. Conservation Slat Cladding Panel 4m x 2m.
  92. Conservation Slat Cladding Panel 4m x 4m.
  93. Conservation Slat Cladding Curved Vertical 1m.
  94. Conservation Slat Cladding Curved Vertical 2m.
  95. Conservation Slat Cladding Curved Vertical 4m.
  96. Conservation Slat Cladding Curved Horizontal 1m.
  97. Conservation Slat Cladding Curved Horizontal 2m.
  98. Conservation Slat Cladding Curved Horizontal 4m.
  99. Conservation Slat Cladding Beam Thin 1m.
  100. Conservation Slat Cladding Beam Thin 2m.
  101. Conservation Slat Cladding Beam Thin 4m.
  102. Conservation Slat Cladding Beam Thick 1m.
  103. Conservation Slat Cladding Beam Thick 2m.
  104. Conservation Slat Cladding Beam Thick 4m.
  105. Conservation Slat Cladding Gable Vertical 2m.
  106. Conservation Slat Cladding Gable Vertical 1m.
  107. Conservation Slat Cladding Gable Horizontal 1m.
  108. Conservation Slat Cladding Gable Horizontal 2m.
  109. Conservation Slat Cladding Slope Vertical 2m.
  110. Conservation Slat Cladding Slope Vertical 1m.
  111. Conservation Slat Cladding Slope Horizontal 1m.
  112. Conservation Slat Cladding Slope Horizontal 2m.
  113. Conservation Slat Cladding Slope 4m.
  114. Conservation Slat Cladding Panel 4m x 2m Horizontal.
  115. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall 1m.
  116. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall 2m.
  117. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall 4m.
  118. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Slope 1m.
  119. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Slope 2m.
  120. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Slope 4m.
  121. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Curved 1m.
  122. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Curved 2m.
  123. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Curved 4m.
  124. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Gable 1m.
  125. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Gable 2m.
  126. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Floor.
  127. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Arch Tunnel.
  128. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Arch.
  129. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Arch Square.
  130. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Shop Front.
  131. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Station Surround 02.
  132. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Door.
  133. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Floor Quarter Circle.
  134. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Arch Square Tunnel.
  135. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Station Surround 01.
  136. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Large Window.
  137. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Panel 1m x 2m.
  138. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Panel 2m x 2m.
  139. Conservation 3D-Printed Wall Panel 4m x 2m.
  140. Conservation Gardening Trug.
  141. Conservation Waste Skip.
  142. Conservation Wheelbarrow Cart Front Axel.
  143. Conservation Wheelbarrow Cart Bucket.
  144. Conservation Wheelbarrow Cart Handle.
  145. Conservation Wheelbarrow Cart Frame.
  146. Conservation Wheelbarrow Cart Wheel.
  147. Conservation Bin.
  148. Conservation Animal Sign Siamang 01.
  149. Conservation Animal Sign Siamang 02.
  150. Conservation Animal Sign Siamang 03.
  151. Conservation Animal Sign Amur Leopard.
  152. Conservation Animal Sign Axolotl 01.
  153. Conservation Animal Sign Axolotl 02.
  154. Conservation Animal Sign Scimitar-Horned Oryx.
  155. Conservation Animal Sign Przewalski’s Horse.
  156. Conservation Animal Sign Decal Bumblebee 01.
  157. Conservation Animal Sign Decal Bumblebee 02.
  158. Conservation Animal Sign Decal Bumblebee 03.
  159. Conservation Animal Sign Decal Ladybird 01.
  160. Conservation Animal Sign Decal Ladybird 02.
  161. Conservation Animal Sign Decal Ladybird 03.
  162. Conservation Decal Sunflower Small.
  163. Conservation Decal Sunflower Large.
  164. Conservation Grass Roof Panel 2m x 2m.
  165. Conservation Grass Roof Panel 4m x 4m.
  166. Reward Statue Przewalski’s Horse Stone.
  167. Reward Statue Przewalski’s Horse Bronze.
  168. Reward Statue Przewalski’s Horse Silver.
  169. Reward Statue Przewalski’s Horse Gold.

NEW - Blueprints

  1. Conservation Toilet Large.
  2. Conservation Toilet Small.
  3. Conservation Shop Large [Shell].
  4. Conservation Shop Small [Shell].
  5. Conservation Staff Room Large.
  6. Conservation Staff Room Small.
  7. Conservation Keeper Hut Large.
  8. Conservation Keeper Hut Small.
  9. Conservation Quarantine Large.
  10. Conservation Quarantine Small.
  11. Conservation Research Centre Large.
  12. Conservation Research Centre Small.
  13. Conservation Trade Centre.
  14. Conservation Workshop.
  15. Conservation Veterinary Surgery 01.
  16. Conservation Veterinary Surgery 02.
  17. Conservation Exhibit Large.
  18. Conservation Exhibit Medium.
  19. Conservation Exhibit Small.
  20. Conservation Zoo Entrance.
  21. Conservation Restaurant.
  22. Conservation Modular Structure 4x4.
  23. Conservation Modular Structure 1x1.
  24. Conservation Modular Structure 2x1.
  25. Conservation Modular Structure Hexagon.
  26. Conservation Modular Structure 1x2.
  27. Conservation Round Building 01.
  28. Conservation Large Decorative Building.
  29. Conservation Decorative Lillypad.
  30. Conservation Allotment Path Archway.
  31. Conservation Natural Tunnel.
  32. Conservation Organic Path Arch.
  33. Conservation Circle Path Arch.
  34. Conservation Round Building 02.
  35. Conservation Mpingo Dome.

NEW - Foliage

  1. Aster Small.
  2. Aster Medium.
  3. Aster Large.
  4. Common Sunflower 01.
  5. Common Sunflower 02.
  6. Common Sunflower 03.
  7. Meadow Buttercup Small.
  8. Meadow Buttercup Medium.
  9. Meadow Buttercup Large.
  10. Corn Flower Small.
  11. Corn Flower Medium.
  12. Corn Flower Large.
  13. Oxeye Daisy Small.
  14. Oxeye Daisy Medium.
  15. Oxeye Daisy Large.
  16. Red Poppy Small.
  17. Red Poppy Medium.
  18. Red Poppy Large.
  19. Tickseed Small.
  20. Tickseed Medium.
  21. Tickseed Large.
  22. Pincushion Flower Small.
  23. Pincushion Flower Medium.
  24. Pincushion Flower Large.
  25. Yorkshire Fog Grass Small.
  26. Yorkshire Fog Grass Medium.
  27. Yorkshire Fog Grass Large.
  28. Fig Tree 01.
  29. Fig Tree 02.
  30. Fig Tree 03.
  31. Korean Pine Tree 01.
  32. Korean Pine Tree 02.
  33. Korean Pine Tree 03.
  34. Vine Tomato 01.
  35. Vine Tomato 02.
  36. Vine Tomato 03.
  37. Aquilaria Tree 01.
  38. Aquilaria Tree 02.
  39. Aquilaria Tree 03.

NEW - Avatar Costume

  1. New Axolotl avatar costume.

New Content - Free Update 1.10.0

NEW - Education Stations

  1. Education Stations are a new way for guests in your zoo to interact with educational content. Guest groups with children can interact with these assets for a small boost to their happiness, education, and the zoo’s overall education rating.
  2. Three types of Education Stations are available via the Facilities > Media Devices and Education menu.
  3. Sound Education Station: A customisable sound board which allows guests to listen to an animal sound, before the image of the animal is revealed. Can you guess who you just heard howling? Both the image and sound can be customised by adding custom images and audio files to the game in the same way billboards and speakers can be customised.
  4. Height Education Station: An educational measuring station for guests to compare their height to that of an animal. Height Education Stations come in two variations: Giraffe and Gorilla.
  5. Pawprint Education Station: An educational station that lets guests compare their own hands to animal paws and feet.

NEW - Animal Chorus

  1. The new chorus behaviour is available to the following animals:
  2. Siamang.
  3. Timber Wolf.
  4. Arctic Wolf.
  5. Animals engaging in chorus behaviours have a chance to begin a chorus if they are currently idle and are within range of other members of the same species. Other idle animals in range of the chorus leader can be influenced by their action and decide to join in.
  6. During a chorus, the leader will perform calls, which will be answered by other participants. The amount of calls and overall length of a chorus event depends on the species.

NEW - Brachiation

  1. A new enrichment and climbing set, the Metal Climbing Frames, have been added to the base game of Planet Zoo, available to all players:
  2. Metal Climbing Frame Beam.
  3. Metal Climbing Frame Ramp.
  4. Metal Climbing Frame Curve 180°.
  5. Metal Climbing Frame Curve 90°.
  6. Metal Climbing Frame Extension.
  7. This modular set of climbing assets is used by the Conservation Pack’s Siamang for their exciting new brachiation behaviour, allowing these gibbons to swing freely across your custom built frames in their habitat.
  8. All animals who can navigate thin climbing pieces will also be able to climb across the Metal Climbing Frames using climbing locomotion.

NEW - Sniff behaviours

  1. Animals will now engage with changes in their habitat by investigating new objects or areas other animals have slept and left their scent in. When animals are idle, they will navigate to the most recently chosen point of interest and perform a sniffing animation:
  2. When a new object (such as a new piece of foliage or a new enrichment item) has been placed inside a habitat, animals have a chance to want to sniff and explore this new addition.
  3. Animals will also leave a scent in spots they have slept in, which can dynamically generate a new point of interest other animals will want to check out.
  4. The chance of an animal expressing interest in such a change in their environment differs by species, with some being more inquisitive than others.
  5. Sniff behaviours are available to the majority of all species in Planet Zoo except for the following:
  6. Aardvark.
  7. Aldabra Giant Tortoise.
  8. Chinese Pangolin.
  9. Galapagos Giant Tortoise.
  10. Gharial.
  11. Greater Flamingo.
  12. Hippopotamus.
  13. Indian Peafowl.
  14. Indian Rhinoceros.
  15. Nile Monitor.
  16. Saltwater Crocodile.
  17. Pygmy Hippopotamus.
  18. Komodo Dragon.
  19. Koala.
  20. Grey Seal.
  21. King Penguin.
  22. Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman.
  23. African Penguin.
  24. Southern White Rhinoceros.
  25. American Alligator.
  26. California Sea Lion.
  27. Platypus.
  28. Red Crowned Crane.
  29. Spectacled Caiman.

NEW - Guests group photos

  1. Guests groups can now take pictures of themselves while viewing a habitat, as long as they’re above 50% happiness.
  2. One guest will act as the photographer and move ahead of their friends, snapping a picture of all the others having a great time.

NEW - More Conservation Topics

  1. Four new conservation topics have been added to the conservation board, providing education about:
  2. Ecological Restoration.
  3. Invasive Species.
  4. Overexploitation.
  5. Species Reintroduction.

NEW - Small Habitat Gates

  1. Small Metal Habitat Gates.
  2. Small Wooden Habitat Gates.

NEW - Shop counters

  1. Gulpee Soda Counter.
  2. Pipshot Juice Counter.
  3. Pipshot Water Counter.
  4. Cosmic Ice Cream Counter.
  5. Mexelente Counter.
  6. Missy Good Counter.
  7. Monsieur Frites Counter.
  8. Pizza Pen Counter.
  9. Info centre Counter.
  10. Loony Bloons Counter.
  11. Hats Fantastic Counter.
  12. Just a Momento Counter.

NEW - Foliage

  1. Drinn Grass Dry Large.
  2. Drinn Grass Dry Medium.
  3. Drinn Grass Dry Small.
  4. Common Saltwort 01.
  5. Common Saltwort 02.
  6. Common Saltwort 03.
  7. Common Saltwort Dry 01.
  8. Common Saltwort Dry 02.
  9. Common Saltwort Dry 03.
  10. Mpingo Tree 01.
  11. Mpingo Tree 02.
  12. Mpingo Tree 03.
  13. Siberian Peashrub 01.
  14. Siberian Peashrub Flowered 01.
  15. Siberian Peashrub 02.
  16. Siberian Peashrub Flowered 02.

NEW - Scenery/Paths

  1. Metal Climbing Frame Beam.
  2. Metal Climbing Frame Curve 180°.
  3. Metal Climbing Frame Curve 90°.
  4. Metal Climbing Frame Extension.
  5. Metal Climbing Frame Ramp.
  6. Large Brachiation Frame.
  7. Medium Brachiation Frame.
  8. Small Brachiation Frame.
  9. Natural Grass Path.
  10. Hat’s Fantastic Sign Logo.
  11. Gulpee Soda Sign Logo.
  12. Pipshot Juice Sign Logo.
  13. Pipshot Water Sign Logo.
  14. Cosmic Cow Ice Cream Sign Logo.
  15. Mexelente Sign Logo.
  16. Missy Good Sign Logo.
  17. Monsieur Frites Sign Logo.
  18. Pizza Pen Sign Logo.
  19. Projection Screen 0.5m.
  20. Glass Modern Wall Panel 2m x 2m Thin.
  21. Glass Modern Wall Panel 2m x 4m Thin.
  22. Glass Modern Wall Panel 4m x 2m Thin.
  23. Glass Modern Wall Panel 1m x 2m Thin.
  24. Glass Modern Wall Panel 1m x 4m Thin.
  25. Glass Modern Wall Panel 4m x 4m Thin.
  26. Glass Modern Wall Panel 1m.
  27. Glass Modern Wall Panel 2m.
  28. Glass Modern Wall Panel 4m.
  29. Glass Modern Off-Grid Roof Flat Quarter Circle.
  30. Glass Modern Off-Grid Wall Slope 1m.
  31. Glass Modern Off-Grid Wall Slope 2m.
  32. Glass Modern Off-Grid Wall Slope 4m.
  33. Glass Modern Off-Grid Wall Gable 1m.
  34. Glass Modern Off-Grid Wall Gable 2m.
  35. Glass Modern Off-Grid Wall Curved 1m.
  36. Glass Modern Off-Grid Wall Curved 2m.
  37. Glass Modern Off-Grid Wall Curved 4m.
  38. Glass Modern Roof 2m Curved Corner Inverted.
  39. Glass Modern Roof 2m Curved Corner.
  40. Education Station Height Giraffe.
  41. Education Station Height Gorilla.
  42. Education Station Sound Board.
  43. Education Station Paw Print.

NEW - Blueprints

  1. Small Brachiation Frame.
  2. Medium Brachiation Frame.
  3. Large Brachiation Frame.

General Bug Fixes and Improvements


  1. Fixed some instances of deep swimming animals escaping through barriers and terrain.
  2. Melon Feeder, Frozen Blood Pumpkin and Scarecrow Feeder now start full instead of with 8kg food when newly placed.
  3. Fixed animals disappearing from the Quarantine building after reloading.
  4. Fixed Siberian Tiger orientation not updating when climbing.
  5. Fixed an issue where animals would walk long distances through mid-air while climbing.
  6. Fixed animals sometimes not automatically unboxing when sent to the habitat entrance, including after regenerating navigation meshes in old saves.
  7. Fixed Zoopedia displaying water requirements for juvenile animals that can’t swim.
  8. Added the Aquatic Biome to the Baird’s Tapir information.
  9. Updated some inconsistencies between Sacred Scarab Beetle’s information board and its Zoopedia tab regarding Biomes and Natural habitat.
  10. Fixed an issue where death animation would play again when transported to a habitat entrance.
  11. Fixed an issue where dead animals would sink to the lake floor after reloading.
  12. Disabled ’Return to Habitat’ button when an animal’s habitat is inaccessible to prevent unfulfillable delivery jobs.


  1. Fixed an issue where changing the colours of a staff building interrupts the occupying worker.
  2. Fixed issue where the New World Shop Large [Shell] blueprint was listed at the incorrect price.


  1. Added notification for when an animal delivery has been ordered and no delivery staff are employed to fulfil it. Also added a notification for when a habitat became inaccessible mid-delivery and staff have left the boxed animal on the ground.
  2. All barrier types can now by default be built as curved barriers.


  1. Fixed an issue where the Western Chimpanzee reward statues had an ’Africa Pack’ tag despite being awarded for the free timed scenario.
  2. Fixed some graphics issues of the 4m Arctic Architecture Beam transitions changing abruptly when zooming out.


  1. Fixed changing the flexicolour of the animal talk seating while guests are using them from causing the guests to teleport to entrance.
  2. Fixed guests sometimes holding drinks instead of cupcakes or ice cream immediately after buying one.
  3. Fixed guests sometimes walking through stairs to get to and from nearby benches.
  4. Transport Rides now show the thoughts guests have about the transport stations in the Ride and Station info panels.


  1. Fixed Educators throwing food into inaccessible animal locations.
  2. Fixed some cases of zoo inspectors never coming - actually they were due to arrive in about 26 thousand years.

Game Modes

  1. Fixed marketing not charging exactly the amount it should, which can prevent completing an objective in Timed Scenario 3.
  2. Fixed a missing thousands separator for the number of minimum guests required in the zoo for an objective in Timed Scenarios.
  3. Moved the European Pack Scenario Pin from Kazakhstan to Switzerland.

Transport rides

  1. Removed the flexicolour icon from the Track Editor UI for the Steam Train ride, as it doesn’t have any editable colours.


  1. Added a notification for when Vet Research is stopped because the animal they were researching is not available in the zoo.
  2. Added missing ’Plastic’ tags to all facility signs.
  3. Notification for ’Animal Boxed Outside of Habitat For Too Long’ is now resolved when the animal is sent to storage.
  4. Removed duplicate female head option from avatar creator.
  5. Fixed bug that would allow multiple animals to be renamed at the same time from the Animal Management panel.
  6. Fixed bug when trading a franchise animal that would cause the trade confirmation box to persist when switching animals.
  7. Fixed bug that prevented a Staff Room status from updating in the Management UI when Opening/Closing from the Info Panel.
  8. Fixed power consumers appearing to be powered in the power heatmap if the preview range of a power producer included a consumer when the placement was cancelled.
  9. Fixed an issue with WorkZone UI clashing with HeatMap UI.
  10. Fixed losing the flexicolour picker from the scenery browser when clicking ’Exit Group’.
  11. Fixed Explore Camera falling though raised paths and getting stuck.
  12. Fixed blurry icon for educator in notifications panel.
  13. Fixed an issue that prevented the North America Animal Pack filter from being available to players who do not own the North America Animal Pack.
  14. Fixed some notifications not opening the habitat info panels as intended.
  15. Fixed an issue where exhibit animals could disappear from the animal list when disabling animal death.
  16. Fixed animal info panel not remembering which tab was selected when switching animals.
  17. Fixed loan UI not being initialised properly, so the steppers showed the wrong repayment numbers.
  18. Fixed the staff traversable area heatmap not always showing the entire traversable area.
  19. Fixed an issue where the age icon is incorrect for elderly exhibit animal when in storage.
  20. Fixed an incomplete tooltip text when placing the second gate on a habitat.
  21. Fixed an issue that prevented a water’s opacity slider from displaying all the text in several languages.


  1. Fixed a rare crash when guests look at escaped animals.
  2. Fixed a rare crash when selecting a building.
  3. Fixed a rare crash when an educator starts an animal talk.
  4. General stability fixes.


  1. General performance fixes.