Update May 3, 2021


  1. Updated binaries to match the latest version of Portal 2.
  2. Added preliminary macOS and Linux support.
  3. Updated credits.
  4. Added toggle option for developer console to the options menu.
  5. Streamlined the subtitle selection process. Now possible in the audio sub-menu.
  6. Added new subtitle languages: Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Chinese (S), Chinese (T), Thai, Bulgarian.
  7. Removed autosave from intro map to not override save file when accidentally starting a new game.
  8. Reworked autosave system, which was a possible cause for the following problems:
  9. Console messages like ’sv_cheats’ printing to the screen after loading a save.
  10. Portals appearing in the wrong timeline after loading a save.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed a bug in the hallway prior to chamber 10 where players could get stuck behind the wall panels.
  2. Fixed an unintended puzzle solution to chamber 13.
  3. Fixed a bug where a ramp panel would get stuck in chamber 15.
  4. Fixed a bug in chamber 17 where scripted momentum could be triggered in an unintentional way.
  5. Fixed a bug where players could shoot time portals in bts areas.
  6. Fixed a bug where players could get stuck inside the time portal in chamber 23.
  7. Removed a lot of cheese from chamber 25.
  8. Many small additional fixes.