Update July 7, 2021


  1. We’ve added three new jobs to Career Mode.
  2. Tree House, Fire Helicopter and Recreation Vehicle.
  3. Each of these levels adds new story and challenging dirt to remove! Enjoy cleaning the intricate details in the blades, propeller and pipes of the Fire Helicopter. Revel in removing the dirt on the colourful and well-travelled RV. Climb to the peak of satisfaction in the Tree House where large amounts of moss can be peeled off like butter by the heavy duty power washer.
  4. Added Challenge Mode featuring Time and Water challenges for the PowerWash Van (once that job is complete in Career Mode).
  5. Are you up to the challenge? Earn a bronze, silver or gold medal based on your performance! The van and modes are just the beginning and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on fun modes like these.
  6. We do want to stress that the core gameplay focus will always be on zen cleaning but with these modes, we want to add some extra replayability to the levels.

Re-designed soap system

  1. Increased soap power.
  2. Each soap bottle lasts ~30% longer than before.
  3. Soap needs to be matched to the surface material for best results.
  4. Prompt to refill soap when empty.
  5. Warning added when run out of soap.
  6. Soap is now purchased exclusively in the shop.
  7. Soap can only be purchased when in stock.
  8. New stock is added when new jobs are unlocked.
  9. Stock remains available in the shop until purchased.
  10. You can read more on the soap changes in our recent developer log, here.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

  1. Added a "To-do" list to the HUD when three objects/groups of objects are left in a job.
  2. Added option to highlight remaining objects in the world which still have dirt on them (access via the Details tab).
  3. Added Crouch option in addition to Prone (controls may be customised in the options menu).
  4. Disabled ability to purchase equipment for unowned Power Washers.
  5. Added button label to "toggle washing" in the controls screens.
  6. Added option to leave the crosshair on to potentially reduce motion sickness for some players.
  7. Added support for higher frame rates.
  8. Added explanatory text for the Soap in the inventory.
  9. Updated controls screen with info on how to rotate equipment.
  10. 15-degree nozzle set as default when starting a job.
  11. Improved thresholds to remove very low opacity dirt.
  12. Improved ambience SFX in some jobs.
  13. Increased dirt highlight time.
  14. UI improvements.
  15. You can read more details in both our recent dev logs covering QOL: here and here.


  1. Should no longer be possible to get the crosshair and nozzle rotation out of sync.
  2. Ulysses The Cat should always run away when approached.
  3. Rear tyre on the Vintage Car job is easier to clean.
  4. Added missing collision to Fire Engine scene.
  5. Dirt highlight should no longer appear during timelapse.
  6. Nozzle and Extension radial wheels now show on the buttons as listed in the controls.
  7. Updated career mode preview thumbnails.
  8. Performance and stability improvements.
  9. Fixed an issue with the stool which could cause a player to be yeeted out of the washable area with no way to get back in.