Update May 6, 2021

  1. Added Steam Cloud Save compatibility;.
  2. Players (plus any vehicles/trailers) that fly outside the map will now automatically teleport to the ranch;.
  3. Fixed a instance where clients in multiplayer would fly out of the map;.
  4. Fixed a bug where it rained inside Best Burger;.
  5. Fixed a bug where the records didn’t appear on the map;.
  6. Fixed a basket filled with eggs where the eggs don’t remain hanging in the air after loading;.
  7. Fixed eggs when taking them out of the ovoscope while holding a basket;.
  8. Fixed loading a game and the pan isn’t recognised by the grinder, you no longer have to take it out and place it back in;.
  9. Fixed an issue with trailers where sometimes clients couldn’t put items in them;.
  10. Fixed trailer inscriptions;.
  11. Milk can now holds 42 litres (6 full buckets of milk);.
  12. Fixed bucket disappearing after using it to fill a pan.