Update July 15, 2021


  1. New, optimised map.
  2. Larger ranch territory.
  3. New construction system: you will receive a construction book containing blueprints for you to build anywhere on your Ranch.
  4. New construction objects, all found in the construction manual. Includes items like: foundations, floor, walls, doors, stairs, roofs, coops, barn, fences, feeders, prefabricated houses, lamps and preserving bins for meat and cheese products.
  5. Added functionality to the hardware store and revamped the building. You can purchase tools, building materials (wood planks, concrete, metal rebars), lawnmowers, trailers and buckets of paint from the color machine and more.
  6. Changed the line of introductory quests, added in the new building system.
  7. Female pig has been added to the game.
  8. Pig breeding has been added. When a male pig and a female pig are together, they are likely to breed. This will result in the female pig giving birth to piglets (of varying amounts), those piglets will follow the mother around.
  9. Added a Granary and Windmill to automatically refill all food and water troughs.
  10. Added ability to repaint some of the buildings that you can construct, like the free-build objects, coops and fences.
  11. Added ability to demolish old wooden barn and garage.
  12. Added speedometer and changed fuel indicator.
  13. Planks can now be stacked in your hands up to a maximum of 8.
  14. Electronic radio station with 30 tracks added.


  1. Sun direction adjusted.
  2. Fixed disappearing sounds from the saw.
  3. Fixed disappearing chickens / roosters from player’s hands.
  4. Improved loading speed of the game.
  5. Maximum animal step height adjusted.