Update August 31, 2021


  1. Added hat category to the character editor, which contains 3 cowboy hats.
  2. Added "William’s livestock auction" where you can purchase/sell horses.
  3. Added a sign by the bus stops that will take you to the auction house for $50.
  4. Added horses with 4 different types of stats: stamina, speed, handling and health.
  5. Added a whistle key (H) - to call your horse. Aim the cursor at it and press H to whistle. It will then follow you around.
  6. Added a training paddock for horses. This can be found and built via the blueprint book.
  7. Added ability to train horses by riding, performing successful jumps over jump gates, and running the inner circular run inside the training paddock.
  8. Added glossary entries for horse and horse training. See these for tutorial tips.
  9. Added option in the video settings to change horse mane to advanced (NOTE: this uses a new hair system in UE4 that hasn’t been optimised by them, so it is therefore of course not optimised in the game. We expect Unreal to optimise this feature in version 4.27 which we plan to transfer onto soon).

Fixes and changes

  1. Fixed the spawning of grass in the main menu.
  2. This update marks the end of our current roadmap! Within the coming weeks we’ll be announcing the next Early Access roadmap, which will lay out our vision for the next group of exciting updates.