Update October 28, 2021

  1. Halloween map style (dead trees and grass, the weather is more likely to be foggy - this is temporary during the spooky season).
  2. Nightmare wolves added (temporary during the spooky season).
  3. Ability to rename animals using tags.
  4. Naming tags and pumpkin lantern available to purchase from the hardware store (Pumpkins purchased during the spooky season will remain in your save, but once the season ends you won’t be able to buy any more).
  5. Pumpkin light colour can be changed using paint (available to purchase from hardware store).
  6. Multiple save slots with the ability to backup/duplicate saves in the main menu.
  7. The ability to join multiplayer games using a password or session code.
  8. DLSS support and new AA settings (AA settings for disabling ghosting).
  9. Switched the backend to Unreal Engine multiplayer services.