Update v1.3.3070 unstable

  1. When a pawn is connected to multiple gauranlen trees, they prioritize pruning the tree with the biggest difference between desired connection strength and current.
  2. Fix: Iterating forwards through knownExpansions instead of backwards.
  3. Fix: Royal titles wanting personal bedrooms don’t like love clusters. Bed room owners are now calculated by love cluster rather than pawn relationship pair.
  4. Fix: Women constantly using the styling station to get a beard that they are not allowed to have.
  5. Burka now covers neck and shoulders.
  6. Gauranlen pod sprouts can happen even when no tree connector pawns are present. They will occur roughly every 60 days. Roughly every 30 days for tree connectors. Gauranlen pod sprouts can occur on desert or extreme desert biomes, but not ice sheet or sea ice.
  7. Added columns for slaughtering bonded animals.
  8. Gauranlen trees heal slowly over time.
  9. Having 1 or 2 colonists of a player’s original ideoligion boosts conversion chance for that ideoligion and reduces it for conversions against that ideoligion. This is configurable in difficulty settings.