Update v1.3.3191 unstable

  1. Added mortar miss radius stat for pawns.
  2. Reduced uranium slug ammo cost a bit.
  3. Reduced building damage of termites such that it takes 2 shots for them to destroy and average wall.
  4. Reduced termites range by 1.
  5. Reduced non-classic mortar random miss radius by one cell.
  6. Turret ammo cost is no longer factored by difficulty.
  7. All human turrets overall DPS is buffed by ~20%.
  8. Vary meal textures depending on ingredients for some (not all) meal types.
  9. Remove foodkind affordance in anticipation of meal textures.
  10. Don’t apply ate meat thought if vegetarian eats human meat, allow strong cannibal precepts with meat eating negative precepts.
  11. Fix: Turret rearm cost mentions it is affected by difficulty when it no longer is.
  12. Fix: It’s more more efficient to carry steel slag in caravans than raw steel.