Update v1.3.3209 unstable

  1. Reduced mechanoid CenterDrop raid arrival mode weight at 1000+ points 3.5 -> 1.3 Reduced mechanoid RandomDrop raid arrival mode weight at 1000+ points 1.9 -> 1.3.
  2. Added a 0.75 factor to pawn points for colony slaves when calculating threat point (wealth points is already adjusted for slaves).
  3. Integrated reworked Eclipse meme artwork.
  4. Raid sample debug outputs correctly uses lastRaidFaction and resets it afterwards.
  5. Fix: Error generating sampled raid info under faction’s min points to generate combat encounter.
  6. Fix: NRE when attempting to trade from shuttle.
  7. Fix "Assign owner" tooltip for animal beds mentions humanlike owners.
  8. Fix: Getting raid sample info for non-hostile factions re-selects a hostile faction, giving inaccurate results.