Update April 21, 2020

Gameplay Changes

  1. Change the way Artifact of Sacrifice works with initial spawns.
  2. Remove Metamorphosis from being selected in Prismatic Trials.
  3. Change the amount of Hordes of Many that were spawning as the teleporter boss.
  4. Change the wording for challenge ’Huntress: Finishing Touch’.
  5. Change challenge ’Commando: Godspeed’ completion requirement from completing the first stage to charging the first teleporter.
  6. Recycler will no longer consume an equipment charge when activated without a target.
  7. Perform Swarms artifact max health reduction after all other max health calculations (elite monsters will have less health than before).

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix the Recycler rolling the same item twice.
  2. Fix Artificer being able to hit herself with projectiles when backed up against a wall.
  3. Fix Artifact of Sacrifice working on allies.
  4. Remove Overgrown 3D Printers from Hidden Realm: Bulwark’s Ambry.
  5. Fix Focus Convergence from stacking with Engineer Turrets.
  6. Fix a couple stuck spots on the Sky Meadow.
  7. Fix some portals being tilted randomly.
  8. Fix Automation Activation Challenge progress carrying over between runs.
  9. Fix a typo in the Repulsion Armor log entry.
  10. Fix an issue that caused the Pressure/Spider Mines cooldown to restart when opening the Thermal Harpoons target menu.
  11. Fix an issue with Squid Polyps sometimes spawning underground.
  12. Fix an issue with the challenge ’Cleanup Duty’ not properly working online.
  13. Fix the teleporter not instantly reaching full charge on killing the Prismatic Trials boss.
  14. Fix and cleanup some SFX issues that were causing performance degradation over time.
  15. Fix a floating Newt Altar spawn on the Stage Variant for Distant Roost.
  16. Fix challenge ’MUL-T: Pest Control’ not being properly awarded.
  17. Fix enemies benefiting from Repulsion Armor more than players.
  18. Fix the initial monster spawn on Hidden Realm: Void Fields not populating the HUD.
  19. Fix the Hungering Gaze being reset by Thermal Harpoons.
  20. Fix the Huntress being able to target herself with Artifact of Chaos on.
  21. Fix the Artifact of Command drops not using the same collision behavior as pickups and getting stuck in walls/ceilings.
  22. Fix an issue preventing Stone Titan regional skins from being used.
  23. Fix MUL-T’s Power Saw skill not performing self-pull force on non-host clients.
  24. Fix Void Reaver’s attack proc coefficient not actually being updated.