Update v1.18

  1. Cross-Network Play is enabled now between Xbox One and Steam platforms.
  2. Multiple bug fixes.
  3. (PC/XB1) Cross-Network Play is available now between Xbox One and Steam platforms.
  4. Cross-Network Play is enabled by default. Players can disable this feature in the Misc. tab of the Options menu.
  5. If any player within a party has Cross-Network Play disabled, that party will only find games with players on their own platform.
  6. (XB1) Players from Steam platform will appear with a Rocket League shield icon on the in-game scoreboard (instead of the Psynet icon like on the other platforms).
  7. Leaderboards now have a platform-specific filter option that only shows rankings for the network you are playing on.
  8. Fixed a crash in Free Play when Reset Ball was used after scoring.
  9. Fixed issues preventing players from spawning when playing offline/splitscreen modes.