Update v1.38


  1. Brightness on DFH Stadium (Day) and Champions Field (Day) has been reduced.
  2. Fixed an issue with the grass in Champions Field (Day) on low detail.
  3. The broken texture on Starbase Arc has been fixed.
  4. Mac/Linux: Farmstead map visuals have been updated.
  5. Lighting on Farmstead has been adjusted.
  6. Urban Central boost locations are now consistent with other Standard Arenas.


  1. Boost audio will no longer cut out when rapidly tapping the Boost button.
  2. Season Reward Level progress should now display correctly at the end of Competitive matches.
  3. Added additional checks to prevent undesired demolish scenarios reported since the Autumn Update.
  4. Fixed several issues with in-game grass.
  5. The appearance of grass on lower detail modes on PC has been updated as part of ongoing optimizations.
  6. Fixed the item thumbnail for Halo toppers with a Black ’Painted’ attribute.
  7. Fixed a game crash issue related to the Season 4 Reward Trails.
  8. The ’Labyrinth’ Decal for Takumi has been fixed.
  9. The Season 2 Reward Prospect Boost has been fixed.
  10. Second player in splitscreen mode will now retain color choices made in the Garage.
  11. Joining Free Play during join countdown no longer blocks player from entering a match.
  12. Some players on Xbox One may still experience performance issues.
  13. Restarting Rocket League can help solve this issue temporarily while we continue to investigate.