Update v1.06

  1. Added "Revenge of the Battle-Cars" DLC Pack, including...
  2. (DLC) Exclusive "Scarab" and "Zippy" Battle-Cars.
  3. (DLC) Six Decals for each new vehicle.
  4. (DLC) Three new Paint Types: "Toon Glossy, Toon Matte," and "Toon Wood".
  5. (DLC) Two new Wheels: "Scarab" and "Zippy".
  6. (DLC) Two new Rocket Boosts: "Accelerato" and "Battle-Stars".
  7. (DLC) Four new Toppers: "Cavalier, Locomotive, Pixelated Shades," and "Shark Fin".
  8. (DLC) Two new Antenna Toppers: "Retro Ball - Urban" and "Retro Ball - Utopia".
  9. Added "Urban Central (Night)" and "Utopia Coliseum (Dusk)" Arenas.
  10. Added five new Community Flags and three new Video Game Antennas.
  11. Added "Urban Central (Night)".
  12. Added "Utopia Coliseum (Dusk)".
  13. (DLC) Added "Scarab" (SARPBC classic vehicle).
  14. (DLC) Added "Zippy" (SARPBC classic vehicle).
  15. (DLC) Scarab: Added "Bomani".
  16. (DLC) Scarab: Added "Derby Girl".
  17. (DLC) Scarab: Added "Flames".
  18. (DLC) Scarab: Added "Hearts".
  19. (DLC) Scarab: Added "Tiger".
  20. (DLC) Scarab: Added "Tribal.
  21. (DLC) Zippy: Added "Caboodle".
  22. (DLC) Zippy: Added "Callous".
  23. (DLC) Zippy: Added "Flames".
  24. (DLC) Zippy: Added "Hearts".
  25. (DLC) Zippy: Added "Leopard".
  26. (DLC) Zippy: Added "Tiger".
  27. (DLC) Toon Glossy.
  28. (DLC) Toon Matte.
  29. (DLC) Toon Wood.
  30. (DLC) Added "Scarab".
  31. (DLC) Added "Zippy".
  32. (DLC) Added "Accelerato".
  33. (DLC) Added "Battle-Stars".
  34. (DLC) Added "Cavalier".
  35. (DLC) Added "Locomotive".
  36. (DLC) Added "Pixelated Shades".
  37. (DLC) Added "Shark Fin".
  38. (DLC) Added "Retro Ball - Urban".
  39. (DLC) Added "Retro Ball - Utopia".

Added "Community Flags"

  1. Achievement Hunter.
  2. Funhaus.
  3. NeoGAF.
  4. Polaris.
  5. Rooster Teeth.
  6. Added "Video Games".
  7. Nosgoth.
  8. Nosgoth - Human.
  9. Nosgoth - Vampire.
  10. (DLC) Added five new DLC-specific Trophies/ Achievements.
  11. Resolved issue that allowed party members to join matchmaking servers even though the Party Leader cancelled the search.
  12. (PS4) Fixed sound-related crash scenarios that caused the game to crash on the loading screen after multiple matches (for real this time).