Update v1.44



  1. Fixed an issue that caused stuttering in the game client when secure TCP sockets are closed down.
  2. Fixed an issue where Boost visual FX would (rarely) not activate correctly.
  3. Fixed Alpha Reward Boost appearing differently than it did before the Tournaments Update.
  4. Connection Quality Indicators will no longer incorrectly persist into Offline Matches or Training.
  5. Various wheels will no longer appear smaller than they did before the Tournaments update.


  1. Fixed incorrect avatars showing for players who have joined the game in-progress and/or replaced an AI bot.
  2. Fixed other players appearing to have the same rank as you in the post-game screen in Competitive matches.


  1. Fixed players being unable to remove items from a full Trade Window.
  2. Fixed trades failing if they contained Painted or Certified items currently equipped in a Preset.
  3. Common Items will no longer show as Trade Held or Untradeable in the Garage.
  4. Fixed an issue that could cause the game client to only send 30 frames of input per second even if the game was running at 60+.
  5. [Steam] HTML tags will no longer affect player names.


  1. Extended the range at which the volume of other cars drops off to make them more audible from further away.
  2. Rebalanced overall audio mix based on feedback.

Controller Vibration

  1. Increased the intensity of "Medium" and "Heavy" Controller Vibration.
  2. Wireless Xbox 360 controllers will now vibrate while boosting.
  3. We recommend that Xbox 360 Controller users opt for "Heavy" if they want consistent vibration while boosting.

Network Settings

  1. Server Send Rate, Client Send Rate, and Bandwidth Limit now all default to "High".

Nintendo Switch

  1. Fixed a memory leak that could cause crashes on Nintendo Switch.