Update v1.49


Crates and Keys

  1. ’Zephyr’ Crate has been added.


Key Trading Xbox One

  1. Players will be able to attempt trades involving Keys on Xbox One.
  2. These trades will fail as we have yet to enable this feature in PsyNet.
  3. PsyNet is Rocket League’s backend and database system.
  4. We will enable Key trading on Xbox One within the next several days.

Throwback Stadium

  1. ’Throwback Stadium’ is now an option in Exhibition Matches, Local Matches, Private Matches and Tournaments.

Performance Graphs (Steam)

  1. Players on Steam can now enable six different Performance Graphs.

Performance Summary

  1. Performance Graph (short).
  2. Performance Graph (long).

Network Summary

  1. Network Graph (short).
  2. Network Graph (long).
  3. Performance: Displays FPS, Frame and GPU data.
  4. Network: Displays Packet, Latency and other relevant connection data.
  5. You can enable/disable graph display in the Options>Interface menu, or by pressing F10 on your keyboard.

Venom Battle-Car

  1. Moved Venom’s center of mass slightly back from current position to better match front of hitbox.



  1. Xbox, PS4 Fixed an issue causing client crash or freeze when joining a Ranked Doubles or Standard match from an end-match screen.
  2. Decals no longer cover Painted portions of Twinzer Car Bodies.
  3. Hammerhead Decal no longer covers Painted portions of Mantis Car Bodies.
  4. Fixed lens flare so it no longer shines through ball or trees on DFH Stadium and Beckwith Park (Midnight).
  5. PS4 Improved texture filtering on several maps.
  6. Painted Zeta Wheels now properly display in thumbnails.
  7. Switch Black secondary paint on Breakout Type-S no longer displays as Brown.
  8. Turtle Tribe Decal is now properly aligned on Octane’s roof.
  9. ’99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Engine Audio is no longer overwritten by default Engine Audio when equipped.
  10. Players will no longer receive a matchmaking ban if they quit during a Goal Replay after successfully forfeiting.
  11. Adjusted position of front Wheels on Merc and ’70 Dodge Charger R/T to prevent Wheels clipping through the body.
  12. This adjustment is visual-only, will not affect Merc control or performance.