Update v1.54


Mothership Pro Wheels

  1. The Wheels will remain in every player’s inventory, but the name will change from ’Mothership Pro’ to ’Mothership’.
  2. These Wheels will maintain a ’Common’ rarity designation.
  3. If you redeemed a Mothership Pro code on your account, you will receive a new white-colored ’Mothership Pro’ Wheel with ’Limited’ rarity status.
  4. Code holders will also keep the Common ’Mothership’ Wheels.
  5. If you received a code from attending the RLCS Season 5 World Championship, but have not redeemed it yet, the code will now unlock this new white Mothership Pro in your inventory going forward.


  1. Optimized Season 8 Reward Boost performance.
  2. Fixed a bug preventing correct UI from displaying for spectators at the end of a match.
  3. [Steam] This issue was addressed in a previous update.
  4. One-frame input delay between jump and directional input has been fixed.
  5. [Steam] This issue was addressed in a previous update.